YNN Buffalo (short for Your News NOW Buffalo) is a 24-hour commercial cable news station in Buffalo, New York. It's carried on Time Warner Cable ch. 9 in all of Western New York, except in the city of Buffalo itself, where it can be seen on ch. 14. It's the sister station to YNN Central New York in Syracuse, YNN Rochester in Rochester, YNN Capital Region in Albany & the much larger NY1 in New York City. The stations share content with each other as a result.

YNN Buffalo provides weather updates every 10 minutes on the 9's of every hour, as well as local news & sports throughout the day & BREAKING NEWS as events warrant.

YNN launched @ 7:00 PM on March 25th 2009, replacing WICU-TV in Chautauqua County (a move that created considerable controversy), CFTO-TV in most of the rest of the region & Time Warner 8 in Jamestown on the cable lineups. James Aroune is the Executive Editor of the channel & is responsible for the editorial content.

The channel is available in almost all of western New York except for portions of Cattaraugus County, which are served by another cable provider

On-air personalitiesEdit



  • Kassata Edwards
  • Katie Morse
  • Jen Markham


  • Jon Dougherty


  • Katie Bogey
  • Jenn Bernstein
  • Nicki Mayo
  • Jon Dougherty
  • Ryan Burgess


  • Bill Pucko: lead sports anchor
  • Kevin Carroll: weekend sports anchor
  • Ben Arnet: sports reporter
  • Samantha Lordi: sports reporter


The station employs no meteorologists of it's own, instead piping it's forecasts from YNN Central New York in Syracuse

  • Michael Gouldrick: Director of Meteorology
  • Dan Russell: meteorologist
  • Todd Kerkman: meteorologist
  • Ryan Finn: meteorologist
  • Erick Adame: meteorologist


  • Mike O'Brian

In addition, YNN Buffalo utilizes personnel from the other Time Warner Cable news channels across the state

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