World Cup TONIGHT is a news & analysis program that aired on SC & SC-2. The show debuted on June 9th, 2006 & focused on the 2006 World Cup, it was the 1st of 47 telecasts (32 nightly, 12 in-between matches & 3 pre-game editions). It was most often seen during The Sports Block @ 12:00 AM ET & 12:00 PM ET on SC & on occasion was seen in the afternoon on SC-2 following FIFA World Cup action. The show appeared with 1 host & @ least 1 analyst.

The shows provided in-depth analysis of World Cup action by utilizing a soccer demonstration field & technological enhancements such as "Shot Tracker", which simulates the velocity & the movement of a shot on goal. The show was broadcast @ SC's HD studio in New York City, New York

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