The WeatherStar Jr. is one of many versions of the WeatherStar technology developed for TWC by Wegener Communications in Duluth, Georgia.

The Jr's concept Edit

The WeatherStar Jr. is based on Wegener's Series 2450 graphics display platform, coupled with custom software developed by Wegener for custom use by TWC. The WeatherStar Jr. is used by TWC affiliates to receive text-based local weather forecasts.

History Edit

In 1990, in response to the needs of its Affiliate Sales department, The Weather Channel initiated a joint development project with Wegener Communications to design and manufacture a much lower cost local weather unit. The WeatherStar Jr. would be used in the headends of small cable systems and in SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) systems that could not afford either of the more expensive units then available (The WeatherStar 3000 or the Star 4000). Later this unit replaced some WeatherSTAR 3000 units when the FCC imposed a warning tone requirement on cable systems in late 2004, as the 3000 could not produce a warning tone, and because the Jr. had a much lower failure rate than the earlier model. Ultimately, more WeatherStar Jr. units were deployed than any other model.

Features Edit

The Jr. had the same look & feel of the 3000, but with a cleaner looking font like the original WeatherSTAR 4000 & still displayed blue, red or brown backgrounds. This time, it could produce a warning tone in the event weather warnings are issued, with the help of a box that produces DTMF tones. The WeatherStar Jr. is still in use today @ some smaller cable systems. Many of the larger cable companies have never used the Jr. or have opted to replace it with the newer WeatherStar XL & later the IntelliStar.

Flavor Lineups on the Weather Star Jr Edit

Flavor Added Length

(Minutes and Seconds)

Segments Featured Discontinued
D 1:00 Latest Observations, Almanac, 36 Hour Forecast & Regional Conditions
E 1:00 36 Hour Forecast, Extended Forecast & Latest Observations
J/LL 3:00 Current Conditions, Latest Observations, Regional Conditions, 36 Hour Forecast, Almanac, Regional Forecast, Travel Cities Forecast, Extended Forecast & 30 Day Outlook 1997
K June 1990 1:30 Current Conditions, Almanac, Regional Forecast, 36 Hour Forecast, Extended Forecast & Latest Observations
L February 1991 2:00 Current Conditions, Latest Observations, Regional Conditions, Regional Forecast, Almanac, 36 Hour Forecast & Extended Forecast
M 2:00 36 Hour Forecast, Extended Forecast & Travel Cities Forecast

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