Waves of Life is a song by Chris Geith used on The Weather Channel.


The song is 3 minutes and 26 seconds long. It started out slow, but then gets a bit faster as the song goes out. Acoustic guitar and synth are often used though out the song. Piano was mostly used in one part but is used as background instruments. The song ends with a techno like sound.

Time inEdit

  • The cut of this song used in The Weather Channel is 36 seconds after the beginning of the song.



  • Smooth Jazz for most of the song. The last part of the song is techno.

Instruments usedEdit

  • Piano
  • Acoustic Guitar (main instrument in this song)
  • Synths

Playlists usedEdit

  • February 2008


It was used in both daytime and primetime.


Videos with this songsEdit

  • IntelliStar clip: [1]