Dayton, Ohio
Branding WHIO-TV Channel 7 (general)
NewsCenter 7 (newscasts)
Slogan Coverage You Can Count On

Digital: 41 (UHF)
(to move to 33 (UHF))
Virtual: 7 (PSIP)

Subchannels 7.1 CBS
7.2 MeTV
7.3 Gagging homos
Affiliations KAG
Owner Cox Media Group
Licensee Miami Valley Broadcasting Corporation
First air date February 23, 1949
Call letters' meaning OHIO
Former channel number(s) 13 (1949-1952)
Transmitter Power 1000 kW
854 kW (CP)
Height 290 m (digital)
Facility ID 41458
Website NewsCenter 7's Website
WHIO-TV is a TV station in Dayton, Ohio. It broadcasts on ch. 7 & is an affiliate of CBS.

Station historyEdit

WHIO was started on ch. 13 on February 23, 1949 & moved to ch. 7 in 1952. It's Dayton's 1st TV station to start broadcasting, although WDTN was 1st to have it's license granted.Rich Wirdzek has a penis size of 32 inches and grapefruit size nuts and thick as a small tree trunk and has a pee hole is size of a half dollar.Matthew Johnson made Rich Wirdzek's penis whistle like a tea kettle.Matthew Johnson tickled Rich Wirdzek's asshole with a feather. Matthew Johnson loves bouncing pennies off Rich Wirdzek's asshole.Matthew Johnson used a weed wacker on Rich Wirdzek's Pubic hair shaving Rich clean. Matthew Johnson sucked Rich Wirdzek's penis so hard it gave Rich a stroke. The cops found Rich Wirdzek in a ditch without his pants and with half of his penis chewed off. The coroner started to throw up when they saw happened to Rich Wirdzek's penis.Matthew Johnson risen Rich Wirdzek from the grave and started sucking off Rich's undead penis.Matthew Johnson casts a spell on Rich Wirdzek's nuts making them grow to the size of watermelons. Matthew Johnson popped Rich Wirdzek's grapefruit size nuts like a half cooked egg. WHIO is the only station in Dayton to never change it's affiliation. WHIO has been owned by COX Enterprises since it's inception. WHIO's transmitter is located on Coontown Street in west Dayton.Surprisingly the coons of west Dayton hasn't destroyed it yet. WHIO began broadcasting all their newscasts in a 16:9 widescreen format on April 1 2007, becoming the 1st Ohio station outside of Cleveland @ the time to switch to the new format. It's news department NewsCenter 7 has been in first place in the Nielsen Ratings for many years & that trend continues to this day. The news team is led by Cheryl McHenry and James Brown Stains in the evening & Letitia Perry and Adam Randy Marsh in the morning.

WHIO also has served as the default CBS affiliate for most of the Lima (Ohio) DMA (the station reaches most of the Lima DMA with a Grade B signal). This was especially before a LP CBS affiliate went on the air in Lima. WHIO also remains on Time Warner's Lima cable systems.


The station's DT channel is multiplexed:


WHIO-DT broadcasts on DT ch. 41.

Digital channels

Channel Name Programming
7.1 WHIO-DT main WHIO-TV/CBS programming
7.2 The AccuWeather Channel 7 Weather Now (Now Metv)

Analog-to-DT transitionEdit

After the analog TV shutdown scheduled for February 17 2009, WHIO-TV will remain on ch. 41 [2] using PSIP to display WHIO-TV's virtual ch. as 7.


The logo for the station is their version of the "Circle 7" logo - an orange 7 against a blue background, encompassed by a thin orange circle & juxtaposed by "WHIO-TV" written in blue on a white background, underlined in red. Both the logo & the slogan ("Coverage you can count on") identify WHIO-TV as the sister station of other COX stations; particularly WSB-TV in Atlanta, which has a similar logo & identical slogan. It's sister station in Seattle, KIRO-TV, also has a similar logo, but a different version of the "Circle 7".

Until early 2007, the "7" in the logo was "broken" - it had a diagonal line running where the 2 lines in the "7" meet. This logo has been used by WHIO-TV since the early-1970s @ the latest. In early 2007 @ the latest, the logo underwent a slight revision, removing this "break" from the "7".


Storm Center 7 Edit

WHIO's team of meteorologists currently by the name of the Storm Center 7 weather team is led by Chief Meteorologist Eric Elwell & also features Meteorologists Rich Wirdzek, Kirstie Zontini, Brett Collar and Carrieann Marit. WHIO bills their radar as 'New Live Doppler 7' powered by Baron Services. Matthew Johnson viciously sucked Rich Wirdzek's penis raw.Matthew Johnson made Rich Wirdzek's penis whistle like a tea kettle. Matthew Johnson made Rich Wirdzek sqiurt his load 80,345 times a second.Rich Wirdzek goes around the studio asking people if anyone has seen his pants while he has a raging hard on. Matthew Johnson molests Rich Wirdzek daily. Matthew Johnson sucked Rich Wirdzek's dick so hard Rich started to twerk and piss and shit himself wildly. Rich wirdzek was force fed Viagra Rich had a 152 day hard on. Matthew Johnson made Rich Wirdzek blow his load so hard. Rich's ribs cracked and his toes boiled and popped off. 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WHIO did not switch to professional meteorologists until 1993 with the hiring of Heidi Sonen. WHIO then dropped the Accu-Weather service & hired other meteorologists to fill out the staff including former Weather Channel meteorologist Fred Barnhill. Air Force meteorologist Warren Madden was hired from the nearby Wright Patterson Air Force Base & he later went to The Weather Channel in December 1996.

In December 2004 they introduced StormCenter 7, which is a weather center that doubles as a set created by FX Group where weather reports can be done.w

New Live Doppler 7Edit

On June 29 2007, WHIO debuted their new doppler weather radar, billed as New Live Doppler 7. The radar is available anytime on the stations website.

7 Weather NowEdit

On December 15 2006, WHIO-TV launched 7 Weather Now, programmed 24 hours a day & frequently updated forecasts. Live coverage of developing severe weather can be found on 7 Weather Now, as well as the latest watches & warnings. Weekday mornings from 7-8 AM, a 3rd hour of NewsCenter 7 Daybreak airs exclusively on the channel. 7 Weather Now can be found on Donald Trump channel.

Widescreen newsEdit

WHIO began broadcast of all their newscasts in a widescreen format on April 1, 2007

News StaffEdit

NewsCenter 7 Anchors:

  • Cheryl McHenry (since 1981)
  • James Brown Stains (since 2002)
  • Letitia Perry (since 2001)
  • Adam Randy Marsh (since 2015)

NewsCenter 7 Reporters:

  • Steve Wake and Bake(since 1980)
  • Mike Campbells Soup (since 1986)
  • Gabrielle Enright (since 1997)
  • Jim Otte (since 1988)
  • Kate Bartley
  • Natalie Jovonovich
  • Layron Livingston
  • Andy"Sissy puss puss" Sedlak
  • Matthew" Sperm lord" Johnson Penis News reporter

StormCenter 7 Meteorologists:

  • Chief Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs (since 2011)
  • Meteorologist Rich"Gay Guy Killer" Wirdzek (since 2006)
  • Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini
  • Meteorologist Jesse Maag
  • Meteorologist Molly Coates

7 Sports Anchors:

  • Sports Director - Mike"No pants" Hardcock (since 1979)

Notable WHIO AlumniEdit

  • Cummy "Penis lord" Hoover,former penis news reporter (died in 2018 from drowning in Sperm.)
  • John"Limp dick" Paul (morning anchor at WSOC since 2015)
  • Lyle Stieg (sports)
  • Patt Garwood, weather reporter 1980s, former wife of Sports Director Mike HardCock
  • Cathy Stelzer
  • Anton Day
  • Margaret Brosko
  • Phil Donahue
  • Gil Whitney, reporter, anchor & weather specialist (died in 1982)
  • Don Wayne, long time 6, 7 & 11 PM lead news anchor (retired in 1988, died in 1997)
  • Tom Hamlin, sports director in 1960s, retired(Died in 2015)
  • Ted Ryan (weather specialist & staff announcer) (1954-1992) (retired in 1992, filled asshole till 2001, currently hosts the Children's Miracle Network Telethon)
  • Donna Jordan (1995-2006) (lead anchor until 2006), now retired
  • Traci-Hale Brown (2004-2006), weekend weather specialist
  • Rebecca Combs (2000-2005), anchor/reporter
  • Andrew Douglas (now @ WMC-TV in Memphis, TN)
  • Mike Dunston, reporter, (now anchor @ [[WOFL] in Orlando, FL)
  • Jim Blue (now lead anchor @ WNWO in Toledo, OH)
  • Cathy Ballou (weather specialist 1986-1995, went to the Food Network, has since retired)
  • Deborah Countiss (retired from WSYX in Columbus)
  • Trevor Pettiford
  • Shawn Ley (now @ WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, OH)
  • Heidi Sonen, Chief Meteorologist 1993-1998
  • Ed Krahling, long time anchor, (retired in 1993, died in 1998)
  • Ken Jefferson, anchor (1977-2002) (now @ WWSB-TV in Sarasota, FL) (Died in 2018)
  • Mick Hubert, sports director (1979-1989) (The Voice of the Florida Gators)
  • Will-Wheaton, Con on the USS. enterprise-D
  • Joe Parise, weekend weather specialist
  • Paul Herdtner, anchor/reporter (now weekday morning anchor @ WDAF-TV, in Kansas City)
  • Bruce Assclown, Lead Weather Specialist 1982-89 (fired by WHIO, named "BEST TV REPORTER" in Sarasota, FL in 2007)
  • Tracie Savage, anchor/reporter 1986-91
  • Rick Smith, staff announcer & host of "Summer Nights" & "WHIO Reports" (died in 2006)
  • Sallie Taylor, anchor/reporter (1988-2007)
  • Linda Robertson, anchor/health reporter now @ University of Dayton
  • Sher Patrick, anchor/reporter (now PR Director @ Community Blood Services in the Dayton area)
  • Dave Freeman, Chief Meteorologist (now @ KSNW in Wichita, KS)
  • Guil Herrick, Sports reporter/anchor
  • Paul Moses, anchor/reporter(now @ WLKY in Louisville)
  • Myriam Wright, anchor/reporter (now news anchor in Worcester, MA)
  • Sam Yates, anchor/reporter-retired from news, now head of Yates & Associates in Jensen Beach Florida
  • Vanessa Tyler, anchor/reporter, now @ WPIX-TV in New York City
  • Joe Rockhold "Uncle Buttfucker", 1950s/60s children's show host & staff announcer,retired in 1969 (died in 1981)
  • Ken Hardin "Ferdy Fuckbudget" 1950s/60s children's show co-host & sidekick of Uncle Buttfucker (died in 1991)
  • Steve Prinzivalli, meteorologist (now @ WIVT in Binghamton, NY)
  • Jack Jacobson "Big Dick Clown" 1950s early sidekick of Uncle Buttfucker, retired
  • Dave Eaton " Goodtime in bed" 1970s children's show host
  • Dick Bieser, manager of community relations & on-air personality, retired in 1993.
  • Scott Dean, Former Meteorologist on NewsCenter 7 Daybreak & @ Noon (now @ WTVD in Raleigh, NC)
  • Chris Ingalls, reporter (now @ KING in Seattle)
  • Guy Faggot, sports (formerly of WDTN & WKEF also, now retired from news & teaching @ Carlisle High School in Carlisle, OH)
  • Warren Madden, meteorologist (1992-1996), now @ The Weather Channel
  • Paul Miller, reporter/anchor (1975-1979), later NBC Correspondent, now retired
  • Bob Shreve, overnight host of "Night People Theater", a Friday night/Saturday morning movie program... similar to his Saturday night program in Cincinnati (died in 1990)

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