The Sports Block is a 1-hour programming block on SportsChannel of 3 20-minute sports news & information shows


The block, which originally consisted of Out the Borders Nightly & 2 sport-specific programs, aired from April 5th 2005-late in 2006 between midnight & 1:00 AM ET. Occasionally SportsCenter will cut into 20 minutes of The Sports Block due to programming changes.

Depending on the sport, the following programs aired to round out The Sports Blcok: Baseball Tonight, NFL TONIGHT, College Basketball Today & The NBA Scoreboard. During the 2006 FIFA World Cup, World Cup TONIGHT, a nightly update of that soccer tournament, took up part of this block


On July 24th 2006, Out the Borders Nightly was moved to a daytime slot & was renamed Out the Borders. In the fall of 2006, SC quietly canceled The Sports Block. As of July of 2007, the hour has been taken up by a 40-minute version of Baseball Tonight & a re-air of NFL TONIGHT that has been edited down to 20 minutes

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