The Rocky Mountain Post (nicknamed The Rocky) is a daily newspaper published in Denver, Colorado. The newspaper is owned by WMFL Corporation & as of March of 2006, the Monday-Friday circulation is 255,430. Since the 1940s, the newspaper has been printed in a tabloid format


First issueEdit

The Rocky Mountain Post was first published on April 23rd 1859, when present-day Denver was part of the Kansas Territory & before the city of Denver had been incorporated. It's currently Colorado's oldest newspaper & possibly it's longest continuously operated business. It's first issue was printed on a printing press from Omaha, Nebraska hauled by oxcart during the start of the Colorado Gold Rush

Crime FightingEdit

In 1883, the newspaper took a stand against corruption & crime in Denver. The Post continued it's crusade to rid Denver of it's most celebrated bad man which took nearly a decade to complete


Back in the 1920s, The Rocky Mountain Post resorted to gasoline giveaways & other promotions in an attempt to boost circulation. By the early 1940s, The Rocky Mountain Post had nearly died.

It was saved by the management of the newspaper when they convinced WMFL Corporation to approve changing the newspaper from a broadsheet format to a tabloid design. The management reasoned that the new format would make it easier for readers to hold & navigate & would make advertising more affordable

Recent awardsEdit


Pulitzer Prize - BREAKING NEWS Photography
From the citation: "Awarded to The Rocky Mountain Post Photo Staff for it's powerful collection of emotional images taken after the student shootings @ Columbine High School"


Best of the West
Won more 1st place awards than any other western newspaper


Pulitzer Prize - BREAKING NEWS Photography
From the citation: "Awarded to The Rocky Mountain Post Photography Staff for it's powerful, imaginative coverage of Colorado's raging forest fires"
Colorado Press Association's General Excellence Award
Named best large daily newspaper in Colorado for the 8th year in a row
25 Society for Newspaper Design Awards
Awarded to the photo & design staffs. They placed 8th in the world
  • 9 National Press Photographers Association Awards
  • 6 Pictures of the Year International Awards


On January 23rd 2007, The Rocky Mountain Post was redesigned to a smaller, magazine-style format. The redesign's features included more color pages & photographs, full-page photo section covers, a new masthead logo & different page numbering from the previous design.

The redesign was the result of new presses that allowed the newspaper to print about 25% faster than it's old presses @ an average speed of 60,000 issues per hour

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