The NBA Network is a Canadian English language category 2 digital cable specialty channel, owned by WMFL Corporation

The NBA Network broadcasts programming related to the NBA with an emphasis on the Toronto Raptors, as well as other basketball leagues. This includes LIVE games during the regular season & playoffs, classic games & other NBA-related programs.

Much of the channel's non-Raptors programming is produced by The NBA Network, which is not available as a standalone channel in Canada.

The NBA Network is also responsible for producing all Raptors game telecasts, although customized graphics are used for each channel & studio show hosts are supplied by the applicable broadcaster. Game broadcasts are currently split between The NBA Network itself, CBC TV, CASN & CASN-2, although compressed versions of all games are repeated on the team channel. As of the 2007-08 season, all games are produced & broadcast in HD

The NBA Network HDEdit

The NBA Network HD is a HD simulcast of The NBA Network featuring programming from The NBA Network & LIVE NBA games. It was launched on November 1st, 2005 on Bell TV & is also available on Rogers Cable.

HD telecasts picked up from SC or The NBA Network are shown in HD

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