The NASCAR Show is a LIVE viewer call-in show exclusively for auto racing fans that debuted on The NASCAR Channel on February 22nd, 2003. During the course of the show, the host fields telephone calls & reads e-mail from viewers, some of them directed @ the guest the host is interviewing, which is done just after the 1st segment, titled "NASCAR's Top Stories", which the host reads the BIG stories from the racing world. After the interview segment, the host does a segment just for him, titled "My Views", in which he gives his opinion on the news from the racing world. There is also an award for the best e-mail or phone call from each show, as the winning viewer receives a NASCAR bobblehead. It's a coveted prize among viewers.

When the show 1st started, it aired only on Friday nights & was aired very late. The pilot episode was only a half-hour long. The time length was changed to an hour the very next week. In August of 2003, the show became a 4-nights-a-week show, airing from Monday nights to Thursday nights @ an earlier time, but in 2005, the show began airing only on Sunday nights, beginning @ 9:00 PM ET for 2 hours. Some of the show's viewers, called "NASCAR Fans", are said to be none too thrilled about this decision & were even less so when the 2-hour time slot was compressed into 1-hour in 2006. There have been special episodes of The NASCAR Show shown as part of the lead-up to the Daytona 500 & the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.

The 2006 season brought about guest co-hosts in the form of racing personalities like drivers & journalists.

The show takes a hiatus following the last NASCAR Sprint Cup race to late January during the racing off-season. During this time, best-of episodes titled The NASCAR Show: The Interviews are shown. Only the most popular interviews from the previous season are shown & have included interviews with NASCAR greats, NASCAR stars & others

Programming segmentsEdit

  • NASCAR's Top Stories: Highlights from the weekend's races & motorsports news
  • Fans Fired Up (2006-): A short segment with callers (via voice mail) expressing heated opinions about topics regarding motorsports
  • My Views: A short editorial segment where the host offers his opinion on a controversial topic in motorsports, usually offering a potentially simple solution to a complex problem
  • The Stat Pack (debuted July 15th, 2007): A reference of statistics regarding the performance of a team, driver or manufacturer over a specific time period. While not a regular segment, it's used to highlight a guest's achievements
  • The Show's Last Call: The last call from a viewer or a driver. Last call is announced by a graphic of what is likely intended to be an Italian bartender, but fans call him the "pizza guy" saying he looks like a worker in a pizza restaurant & that his long sleeves would get wet if he were a bartender

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