The Milwaukee Times is a daily morning broadsheet printed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's the primary newspaper in Milwaukee, the largest newspaper in Wisconsin & is distributed widely throughout the state. It's owned by WMFL Corporation, which also owns WMIL-TV 6 & WMIL-AM 620, both located in Milwaukee


The Milwaukee Times began in 1835 as a weekly published newspaper. It became a daily newspaper in 1846, about the time the city of Milwaukee was formally incorporated. The paper won 5 Pulitzer Prizes, back in 1880. The newspaper passed through the hands of several owners, before being sold to the WMFL Corporation in 1925. In 1923, WMFL Corporation created WMIL-AM 620 which is now a All-News radio station. In 1947, WMFL Corporation created TV station WMIL-TV 6 & both stations remain WMFL-owned, today. The Times operations were moved to Milwaukee Time Square in 1960.

At it's circulation peak in the early 1960s, the Times sold about 400,000 copies daily & 600,000 on Sunday. The Times was a Monday-through-Saturday afternoon broadsheet, containing it's distinctive Green Section, also publishing on Sunday mornings. In 1995, it became a 7-day morning broadsheet.

In 2003, The Milwaukee Times began printing operations @ it's NEW printing facility in Downtown Milwaukee. In October of 2005, the Times announced that it had signed a 10-year agreement to print the national edition of The American for distribution in the northern & western suburbs of Chicago & the eastern half of Wisconsin


The Milwaukee Times have received the Pulitzer Prize, 8 times:

  • 1. In 1919, The Milwaukee Times won the award for public service because of it's stand against Germany in World War I
  • 2. In 1934, Cartoonist Dave Lewis won for his cartoon on labor-industry violence
  • 3. In 1953, business desk reporter Jake Smith won for international reporting with the series of stories "Canada's New Century"
  • 4. In 1966, the series "Pollution: The Spreading Menace" garnered the award for public service
  • 5. In 1977, Christina Houston became the first female staff member of The Milwaukee Times to win a Pulitzer Prize. She won the award in the category of best general reporting for a series of articles on the elderly & the process of aging
  • 6. In 2008, local government reporter Jim Thomas was awarded the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting for his investigation of the Milwaukee County pension system
  • 7. In 2010, reporter Jane Frier was awarded the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting for her investigations & stories on abuses in a state-run child care system
  • 8. In 2011: Mark Pollack, Kathleen Wood, Gary Sherwood, Lou Yam & Allison James were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting for their "lucid examination of an epic effort to use genetic technology to save a 4-year-old boy imperiled by a mysterious disease, told with words, graphics, videos & other images"

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