The MLB on SC Radio is the brand name for exclusive play-by-play broadcast presentation of the MLB on SC Radio

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In 1998, SC Radio took over from CBS Radio as the official, national radio broadcaster for the MLB. The network's current contract runs through the 2010 season. As of 2006, The MLB on SC Radio is heard on over 321 stations across the United States.

The games include Opening Day, MLB Sunday Night, the Saturday MLB Game of the Week, holiday games & September pennant race games. SC Radio holds exclusive rights to the All-Star Game. The postseason (including the Division Series, the League Championship Series & the World Series) is a semi-exclusive arrangement. The participating teams' flagship stations are allowed to air play-by-play using their own announcers & production. The national SC Radio feed may however, be carried LIVE on another station in those markets as well. If teams' affiliate stations wish to carry coverage of the game it must be the national feed. Since the inaugural World Baseball Classic in March of 2006, the semi-finals & the championship have also been broadcast as part of The MLB on SC Radio.

In addition to affiliate stations on AM & FM radio, SC Radio's game broadcasts are carried as part of Fantasy Satellite Radio's MLB coverage. They are not included in the subscription "Gameday Audio" package on with the exception of the All-Star Game, as no other radio play-by-play feed is available.


On September 27th 1997, SC Radio outbid CBS Radio to become the exclusive national radio broadcaster of the MLB. This was very surprising, considering that CBS Radio had been the national broadcaster since 1976.

The agreement lasted 7 years through 2004 & gave SC Radio the rights to broadcast numerous games including opening Day, MLB Sunday Night, the Saturday MLB Game of the Week, holiday games, September pennant race games, the MLB All-Star Game & all of the playoffs, including the World Series.

Then on October 21st 2004, SC Radio extended it's then 7-year relationship with the MLB with a 5-year, $55 million dollar contract extension through the 2010 season.

During all of the games there is also SC Radio SportsCenter every 20 minutes with LIVE cut-ins during the games

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