The HorseRacing Network (HRN) is a Canadian English language Category B specialty network presenting harness & thoroughbred racing events & it's related programming. HRN is owned by WMFL Corporation, the same owners who own the main HRN Network in the U.S.A

The Channels & it's contentEdit

Unlike the HRN in America, HRN in Canada consists of 5 multiplex channels, including:

  • HRN is the network's "flagship" feed which features thoroughbred, standardbred & harness races from up to 5 tracks @ a time across North America
  • HRN Odds displays LIVE Canadian pool odds for all tracks carried on HRN
  • HRN Canada provides daily LIVE coverage of primarily Canadian racetracks such as Woodbine, among others
  • HRN International provides daily LIVE coverage from primarily U.S. racetracks such as NYRA & others. Also carries selected LIVE coverage & programming from HRN in the U.S.A
  • HRN West provides daily LIVE coverage from Hastings, Fraser Downs & other Canadian racetracks in the West Coast


In March of 1999, WMFL Corporation was granted approval from the Canadian Radio-TV & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to launch a TV channel called The HorseRacing Network, taking it's name from the sister American channel & is described as "a national English-language Category 2 specialty TV service, dedicated to Canadian & international horse racing, as well as horse racing-related programming which includes LIVE races, related commentary, odds, replays & results."

In January of 2000, the channel launched The HorseRacing Network (HRN) with 4 multiplex channels: 3 devoted to LIVE matches (LIVE HorseRacing, Full Card Favourites 1 & Full Card Favourites 2) & 1 displaying pool odds, probables & results (LIVE Canadian Odds). In 2004, HRN launched a 5th channel, HRN West.

In March of 2005, LIVE HorseRacing was merged into HRN, Full Card Favourites 1 was rebranded as HRN Canada, Full Card Favourites 2 was rebranded as HRN International & LIVE Canadian Odds was rebranded as HRN Odds. HRN West kept their name, the same becoming 1 of 2 HRN Canada networks that kept their name the same from the rebrand launch.

There are rumors that the main HRN Network in America could do the same thing that HRN in Canada is doing by launching 4 more networks, devoted to the same formats that HRN in Canada is delivering. (For example, there could be a "HRN Odds", "HRN U.S.A", "HRN International" & "HRN West" in the U.S.A.) But as of today, those rumors have yet to be confirmed by the main HRN Network.

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