The Cincinnati Times, a daily morning newspaper, is the highest-circulation print publication in Greater Cincinnati (Ohio) & Northern Kentucky. (The Times publishes a Northern Kentucky edition under the title The Kentucky Times with a front section & a remade Local section. The front page is remade from the Ohio edition, although it may contain similar elements) The Cincinnati Times is owned by WMFL Corporation

Early historyEdit

The Times was first published on April 10th, 1841. The Times became 1 of the first newspapers in the United States to publish a Sunday edition beginning on April 20th, 1848. In @ least the decade of the 1850s, The Times also published a weekly digest edition for regional farmers.

During the 1930s & '40s, The Times was widely regarded among newspapers for it's innovative & distinctive typography

Recent historyEdit

In April of 2006, The Times was cited by The Associated Press with the news cooperative's General Excellence Award, naming The Times as the best major daily newspaper in Ohio. Earlier that year, parent WMFL Corporation named The Times, the most improved of the more than 100 newspapers in the chain

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