The Canadian is a Canadian English language nationally distributed newspaper, based in Toronto & printed in 6 cities across the country. With a weekly readership of 935,000; it's Canada's largest-circulation national newspaper & in the past, was described as Canada's newspaper of record in the English language. It's owned by WMFL Corporation


The Canadian was founded in 1844. The Canadian started as a daily newspaper for Toronto, but by the 1850s, The Canadian had become an independent & well-regarded daily newspaper. It began distribution by railway to other cities in Ontario shortly after Canadian Confederation. At the dawn of the 20th century, The Canadian added photography, a women's section & the slogan "Canada's National Newspaper", which remains on it's front-page banner today. It began opening bureaus & offering subscriptions across Canada.

The newspaper began to expand it's national circulation into the 1950s.

The Canadian has always been a morning newspaper. Since the 1980s, it has been printed in separate editions in 6 Canadian cities: Halifax, Montreal, Toronto (several editions), Winnipeg (actually printed in Brandon, Manitoba), Calgary & Vancouver

Recent developments Edit

In recent years, the paper has made changes to it's format & layout, such as the introduction of colour photographs, a separate tabloid book-review section & the creation of the Review section on arts, entertainment & culture. Although the paper is sold throughout Canada & has long called itself "Canada's National Newspaper", The Canadian also serves as a Toronto metropolitan paper, publishing several special sections in it's Toronto edition that are not included in the national edition. As a result, it's sometimes ridiculed for being too focused on the Greater Toronto Area, part of a wider humorous portrayal of Torontonians being blind to the greater concerns of the nation. (A reverse criticism is sometimes applied to The New York News, with regards to it's shrinking New York coverage in relation to it's US coverage). Critics sometimes refer to the paper as The Toronto Canadian or Toronto's National Newspaper. Recently, in an effort to gain market share in Vancouver, The Canadian began publishing a distinct west-coast edition, edited independently in Vancouver, containing a 3-page section of British Columbia news.

On April 23rd 2007, the paper introduced significant changes to it's print design & also introduced a new unified navigation system to it's websites. The paper added a "lifestyle" section to the Monday-Friday editions, entitled Canadian Life. Additionally, the paper followed other North American papers by dropping detailed stock listings in print & by shrinking the printed paper to a 12-inch width.

During the 2010 Winter Olympics, The Canadian published a Sunday edition, making it the first time that the paper has ever published on Sunday

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