The BTV 9:00 News was the flagship BTV News programme launched on the 14th of September of 1970, which ran until the 15th of October of 2000, when it was controversially moved to BTV News @ 10:00.

The 1st 9:00 News was screened on the 14th of September of 1970, having replaced The Main News @ 8:45 PM GMT (3:45 PM ET). It was the first bulletin to have a closing set of music, other bulletins would link to the weather @ the end instead. The set used by the bulletin was designed to differentiate from the day's bulletins, for example in the 7th of September of 1981, the 9:00 News bulletin had a wooden effect whereas bulletins used a plain blue background instead.

In the 12th of April of 1993, as part of a relaunch of all the BTV News bulletins which created a more uniformed look, the bulletin was the only 1 with variety, having a darker set & more authoritative title music. A larger relaunch of all of the BTV News output came in the 9th of May of 1999, when the programme once again shared a common theme & set with the daily programme.

Between the 10th of May of 1999 & the 15th of October of 2000, the programme would be advertised as BTV News @ 9:00.

The show was carried on BTV 1 during The BTV 9:00 News' 30-year run

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