The BIG NASCAR Debate was a debate show that aired LIVE every Saturday on The NASCAR Channel during the 2004 NASCAR season. The show took place outside of every venue of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. The host moderated debates involving a 4-person panel of sportswriters whose columns are mostly about racing. The panelists eventually became known as "The NASCAR Panel".

Each week, the panel debated the hot topics from the NASCAR world. At the end of the show, the 4 panelists got time to state their "beef" with an issue in NASCAR. It could've been a topic not yet touched on, a past issue or a current issue. A LIVE audience watched the show up-close each week. Each episode was a half-hour long.

The show drew ire from NASCAR officials & drivers for its panelists' consistently questioning a NASCAR ruling or such.

The BIG NASCAR Debate debuted in February of 2004, but on November 23th 2004, it was announced by The NASCAR Channel that low ratings would keep the show from returning in 2005. Many BIG NASCAR Debate viewers got upset though, accusing NASCAR of having a say in the show's cancellation because of it's ability to question them

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