The BIG Issues is a flagship BTV TV programme, consisting of in-depth half-hour 1-on-1 interviews.

It's broadcast 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) on BTV World News & the BTV News channel. Launched in 1997, much of it's worldwide fame is due to it's global reach via BTV World.

The BIG Issues has featured some of the best known personalities in the world. Guests have included the Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, South African President Thabo Mbeki & popular musician Boy George.

The BIG Sport Issues, a variant of The BIG Issues, was 1st aired in 2004 & is telecast on Fridays on BTV World News & on weekends on the BTV News channel. Entirely devoted to the world of sport. Famous guests have included professional tennis-players Pete Sampras & Andy Roddick

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