The Arena Football League on SC is a presentation of the Arena Football League on SportsChannel, SC-2 & SC Radio. The telecasts were simulcast on SC-HD & SC2-HD. The agreement is run from the 2007 season opener 'til the original AFL was folded in 2009 & is now extended 'til 2012 as the new AFL was opened in the same year as the original AFL was folded


SC was the original broadcaster for Arena Football games, showing games LIVE in the league's 1st 2 seasons, 1987 & 1988. Partially because of turmoil within the league itself, SC did not broadcast Arena Football again until 1992, when they broadcast 6 games & the ArenaBowl on an overnight, tape-delay basis. Starting in 1993, SC started showing games LIVE or @ least not during overnight hours. When SC-2 was formed, the telecasts began to air more frequently on the new network.

SC-2 began televising a more standard schedule of AFL regular season & playoff games from 1995-1999. SC subsequently began televising AFL playoff games from 2000-2002.

SC originally had aired the inaugural ArenaBowl LIVE in 1987, while SC-2 aired the ArenaBowl for 5 consecutive years from 1998-2002


On December 19th 2006, SC & the Arena Football League agreed to a 5-year agreement that includes extensive multimedia rights & a minimum of 26 televised games per season, beginning in 2007 & lasting until 2012. As part of the deal, SC purchased a minority stake, reportedly 10% in the AFL. The network will gain privileged financial information, but insists that it will not give the AFL more favorable coverage on shows like SportsCenter as a result. SC televised a minimum of 17 regular-season games & 9 playoff games—including a minimum of 3 Wild Card games, 3 Divisional Playoff games, both Conference Championships & the ArenaBowl on SC & SC-2. SC had an exclusive window for weekly Monday night primetime games on SC-2. Both the season opener & the ArenaBowl were on either SC-Classic or on SCNews, where 3 wild card games, 2 divisional games & 1 conference championship were on SC & the 17 regular season Monday night games, 1 wild card game, 2 divisional games & 1 conference championship game was all on SC-2

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