WEH: Frankfort, Kentucky
WRO: Hialeah Gardens, Florida
WMM: Marlton, New Jersey
KLO: Santa Clara, California
Branding TWCT/C Network 1 / TWCT/C Network 2 / TWCT/C Network 3 / TWCT/C Network Control
Slogan Your TWC Today & TWC Classics Coverage
Channels Analog:
WEH: 11 (VHF)
WRO: 4 (VHF)
WMM: 6 (VHF)
KLO: 11 (VHF)

WEH: 14 (UHF)
WRO: 15 (UHF)
WMM: 10 (VHF)
KLO: 17 (UHF)

Affiliations Independent
Owner TWC Fan Forums Broadcasting, Inc.
First air date WEH: September 30, 2008
WRO: September 30, 2008
WMM: October 31, 2008
KLO: December 2008
Call letters' meaning WEH: Evan Hatter
WRO: Roland Ortega
WMM: Mike M 2010
KLO: Larry Oliveira
Website TWCT/C Networks' Website

TWCT/C Networks is a collective name for Networks' TWCT/C Network 1, TWCT/C Network 2, TWCT/C Network 3 & TWCT/C Network Control. The TWCT/C Networks are O&O by TWC Fan Forums Broadcasting, Inc.. Every TWCT/C Network is owned by a specific person. Evan Hatter is the owner & host of TWCT/C Network 1, Roland Ortega is the owner & host of TWCT/C Network 2 & Mike is owner & host of TWCT/C Network Control. The Master Control of these Networks are located @ the Network Control studios near Philadelphia. TWCT/C Networks run different programming, but sometimes air the same programming (ex. Primetime Programming). Chris (from TWCFanChris on YouTube) was affliated w/ our network. Durning his run here, Chris' network was called, TWCT/C/E Master Control. He left on October 17, 2008 to work @ SilverStar 8 as a beta tester. Larry from nbc11newsclips on YouTube, joined the networks in December 2008. He is the owner & host of TWCT/C Network 3

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