SportsCenter AM is a radio show on SC Radio hosted by SC Radio SportsCenter anchor Jay Reynolds. The show features scores from all the major sporting events including the NFL, NBA, NHL & MLB. They usually play audio highlights for last minute shots, game winning homers & other exciting events that will keep people entertained. All the major sports games are discussed @ least twice during the show in a score fashion outside of the SportsCenter breaks & exciting matches are usually mentioned @ least 3 times.

The show lasts 1 hour from 5:00-6:00 AM ET. It runs much like the SportsCenter program on SC TV. Reynolds recaps scores & plays audio highlights from a variety of sports. Interviews from SC Radio shows earlier in the day discussing what might happen in the game & postgame interviews shown on SportsCenter are also played. No LIVE interviews or call-ins take place during the hour.

Differences exist within the SportsCenter updates during the show. Instead of having an update every 20 minutes, Bob Piccozi only does 1 SportsCenter update @ 5:30 AM. A SportsCenter Express, hosted by Doug Brown, takes place where the normal SportsCenter breaks would be @ 5:20 & @ 5:40 AM ET. SportsCenter AM leads into Mike & Mike in the Morning

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