SportsChannel (or SC for short) is an American cable TV network dedicated to broadcasting & producing sports-related programming 24 hours a day. SportsChannel was launched on June 1st, 1980.

SC's signature telecast, SportsCenter, debuted with the network & aired it's 30,000th episode on April 12th, 2007. SC broadcasts primarily out of it's studios in New York City, New York. It also operates offices out of Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, NC & Los Angeles. The Los Angeles office, from which the late-night edition of SportsCenter is now broadcast, opened @ L.A. LIVE in early 2009. The name of the sport company was lengthened to "SC, Inc." in February 1984.

SC markets itself as "The World's #1 Sports Network", a slogan that appears on nearly all company media but whose origin is unknown.

Most programming on SC & it's affiliated networks consists of LIVE or tape-delayed sets of events & sports-related news programming (such as SportsCenter). The remainder includes sports-related talk shows (such as real-life ESPN-produced Around the Horn, SC-produced Out the Borders, ESPN-produced "SportsNation" & PTI)


Early monthsEdit

SC started with the debut of SportsCenter on June 1st, 1980. Afterwards was a pro slow pitch softball game. The first score on SportsCenter was from women's tennis on the final weekend of the US Open.

To help fill 24 hours a day of air time, SC aired a wide variety of sports events that broadcast networks did not show on weekends, including Australian rules football, Davis Cup tennis, boxing & additional college football & basketball games. The U.S. Olympic Festival, the now-defunct competition that was organized as a training tool by the United States Olympic Committee, was also an SC staple during this time

Professional sports arriveEdit

SC was among the earliest cable-based broadcast partners for the NBA. Lasting from 1982-84, the network's relationship with the association marked it's initial foray into the American professional sports sector. After an 18-year hiatus, SC secured a $2.4 billion/6-year broadcast contract with the NBA, thereby revitalizing it's historic compact with U.S. professional basketball.

In 1983, The United States Football League (USFL) made it's debut on SC. The league (which lasted for 3 seasons) enjoyed ephemeral success, some portion of which was a byproduct of the exposure afforded through SC's coverage.

On July 20th 1985, SC started airing the "SC Sports Update" (later known as 28/58), which was a condensed run-down of scores & news that aired @ :28 & :58 portions of the hour, when SportsCenter was not airing. SC still uses the :28/:58, ONLY for LIVE sporting events as of today.

In 1986, SC gained partial rights to the NFL. The league agreed to the deal as long as SC agreed to simulcast the games on local TV stations in the participating markets. SC Sunday Night Football would last for 19 years & spur SC's rise to legitimacy. In the 2005 NFL season, SC began airing Monday Night Football.

In 1989, SC added MLB to it's lineup with a $400 million contract; the contract has been renewed & will continue through @ least 2011.

SC broadcasts each of the 4 major professional sports leagues in North America. SC has been broadcasting MLS games about once a week on SC-2 since that league's inception in 1996. In most years, the annual MLS All-Star Game & the MLS Cup championship game & in some years the Opening Night game, were shown on SC-2.

With the increasing costs of LIVE sports entertainment, such as the U.S. $8.8 billion costs for NFL football broadcasts rights for 8 years.

SC broadcasts 65 sports, 24-hours a day in 15 languages in more than 150 countries


SC set itself apart from it's competition by using the top reporters for each of their respective sports by the early 1990's.

The 1990's & early 2000's saw considerable growth within the company. SC Radio launched on May 13th, 1992. SC-2 was founded in 1994. A year later, SCNews was born. In 1996, SC purchased the "American Classic Sports Network" & renamed it SC-Classic. The youngest SC network in the USA, SC-U, began broadcasting on July 1st, 2004.

SC International was started in the early 1990's to take advantage of the growing satellite markets in Asia, Africa & Latin America. In Canada, SC, Inc. purchased a minority share of CASN (the corporate logos of CASN were redesigned to match the look of SC's logo). In 2004, SC entered the European market by launching a version of SC-Classic. Then in December of 2006, it agreed to purchase North American Sports Network & on February 1st 2009, NASN was re-branded as SC America. SportsCenter's primary 3 broadcasts on SC America each day are @ 1:00 AM ET (which re-airs usually until 9:00 AM ET), 6:00 & 11:00 PM ET.

In 1994, SC launched the The SC Sports Poll. The Sports Poll was the first ongoing national daily study of sports fan activities & interests in the United States.

In 1997, SC began using "Skycam" for their broadcasts of the NHL. The system was later put to use in baseball, basketball & football games.

In April of 2009, SC opened a broadcast production facility in downtown Los Angeles as a part of the L.A. LIVE complex across from Staples Center. The 5-story facility houses an SC-Zone restaurant on the 1st 2 floors & 2 TV production studios with digital control rooms on the upper floors. 1 of the studios hosts late-night editions of SportsCenter.

In 2007, SC signed an agreement with the Arena Football League to broadcast @ least 1 game every weekend, usually on Monday nights.

On January 4th 2010, SC announced plans for a new network, SC-3D, to premiere on June 11th, 2010. The new network will broadcast 85 sporting events in 3D during it's 1st year, including the FIFA World Cup match between South Africa & Mexico & the 2011 BCS National Championship Game. SC has been testing a 3D broadcast for more than 2 years. Additional broadcasts may include up to 25 World Cup matches & the Summer X Games

SC's Current OwnersEdit

SportsChannel has been owned by WMFL Corporation since 1980


SC-HD, launched on January 1st 2003 @ the stroke of Midnight, is a 720p HD simulcast of SC. SC-HD (along with sister networks SC2-HD, SCNews-HD & SCU-HD) uses the 720p HD line standard because WMFL Corporation executives proposed a progressive 'p' signal which resolves fluid & high speed motion in sports better, particularly during slow motion replays.

All Bristol & LA LIVE studio shows, along with most LIVE events on SC, are produced in HD. SC is 1 of the few networks with an all-digital infrastructure. Shows that are recorded elsewhere: such as real-life ESPN-produced Pardon the Interruption & Around the Horn (Washington, D.C.) are presented in a SD, 4:3 format with stylized pillarboxes. SC however, maintains a policy that any video that originates in HD, must remain in HD when aired on SC-HD.

More recently, the network has come under considerable scrutiny from industry technicians & early adopters of HD due to a perceived degradation in picture quality, specifically during LIVE events.

In Latin America, the 720p HD version of SC was launched as "SC-HD" on March 26th, 2009 (only in Brazil) & on December 25th, 2009 in other countries


On June 11th 2010, SC launched SC-3D, the country's 1st 3DTV channel. The 1st programming in the format will be the 2010 World Cup. SC states that another 100 LIVE events will be in 3D in the 1st year

Advertising on SCEdit

Advertising on SC is sold out for months in advance. Major advertisers such as Apple, FedEx & United Parcel Service are continually buying advertisements to reach the 15-35 year old male audience. SC's ad revenue averages $441.8 million with an ad rate of $9,446 per 30 second slot

SC's significant programming rightsEdit

SC & it's family of networks (SC-2, SC-U, SC+ & to a lesser extent SC-Classic) have rights to the following sports & events:


  • 1986-1989 (Sunday Night; exclusive on cable)
  • 1990-1997 (Sunday Night)
  • 1998-2005 (Sunday Night; exclusive on cable, selected Thursday & Saturday night games)
  • 1988-1994, 2003-2005, 2010-2012 (Pro Bowl)
  • 2006-Present (Monday Night Football)

The NHL on SC

  • 1982-Present

SC College Football

  • Bowl Games: 1982-present (contracts with individual bowl games; the 1st LIVE college football game telecast on SC was the 1982 Independence Bowl, Kansas St. vs. Wisconsin)
  • Bowl Championship Series: January 2011-Present
  • ACC: 1996-Present
  • BIG 10 Conference: 1980-Present
  • Select BIG 12 home games: 2007-Present (Games are purchased from SportsChannel's regional feeds (see below) on a game-by-game basis)
  • BIG East: 1987-2015
  • C-USA: 1993-2012
  • MAC: 2001-2011
  • PAC-10: 1991-Present
  • SEC: 1983-Present
  • Sun Belt: 1994-2007
  • WAC: 1984-2017
  • NCAA Division I FCS (formerly Division I-AA), Division II & Division III playoffs (selected games) & championship games

SC's MLS' Coverage

  • 1996-2015


  • FIFA World Cup: 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 & 2014
  • FIFA Women's World Cup: 1999, 2003, 2007 & 2011


  • 1989-2014

Little League World Series

  • 1985-2014, occurs in late August

The NBA on SC

  • 1982-1984
  • 2001-2016

The WNBA on SC (Originally "The WNBA on SC-2")

  • 2001-2016

SC College Basketball

  • NCAA Tournament: 1980-Present (Contract with NCAA)
  • ACC (some telecasts, including games in the conference tournament, are blacked out in ACC markets):
  • BIG 10 Conference: 1980-2017
  • BIG 12: 2007-Present, SC+ (SC+ has exclusive rights to some games in BIG 12 markets to protect stations from purchasing it's syndicated package)
  • BIG East: 1979-Present, SC+
  • SEC: 1984-Present, SC+ (through WMFL Corporation's sister network, The SEC Network's syndicated package: The SEC TV Network)

Tennis Grand Slams: As of 2009, SC co-owns the cable rights to all 4 of tennis' grand slams. SC also televises other tennis events, including the following:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • The Championships, Wimbledon
  • US Open

Golf on SC

  • 1980-2006 (Contracts with individual PGA tournaments)

SC continues to broadcast early round coverage from The Masters, U.S. Open & the Ryder Cup. Starting in 2010, SC will broadcast all 4 rounds of the Open Championship, marking the 1st time that a golf major is an all-cable event

PBA Tour

  • 1989-Present


  • 1981-2000 (Contracts with individual races)
  • 2007-2014 (Contract with NASCAR)

Indy Racing League

  • 1996-Present (the full season, including the Indianapolis 500)

The Arena Football League on SC

  • 1989-2002
  • 2007-2012

SC also broadcasts a range of horse racing. It may sometimes acquire the rights to programming in other sports, usually because another broadcaster holds the TV rights

Former ProgramsEdit

The LPGA Tour on SC

  • 1979-2009
  • Selected majors through deals with their respective sanctioning bodies

SC's business venturesEdit


  • The SC Sports Poll (1994-Present)
  • SC MVP (2006-Present, 2006-2007 as Mobile SC)
  • SC-Zone (1997-present)
  • Partial interest in the Arena Football League (2006-Present, in exchange for TV rights)

The SC family of networksEdit



SC NOW was a former rolling digital cable barker channel which aired from 2001-2004 & featured a scoring ticker, along with SC's promotional advertising. It mainly was used to promote SC's college sports pay per view packages to viewers. The channel was eventually discontinued with the rise of video on demand


Regional SportsChannel network feedsEdit

Name Region served Home to Notes
SCArizona Arizona, New Mexico & southern Nevada Phoenix Suns (NBA), Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), Phoenix Coyotes (NHL), Phoenix Mercury (WNBA), local coverage of the PAC-10, Western Athletic, BIG Sky & Mountain West conferences
SCBay Area Northern & Central California, Sacramento, northwestern Nevada (including the Lake Tahoe-Reno-Carson City region) & parts of southern Oregon San Francisco Giants (MLB), Golden State Warriors (NBA), San Jose Earthquakes (MLS), San Jose Stealth (NLL), San Jose Sabercats (AFL), FC Gold Pride (WPS), Sacramento Kings (NBA), California Golden Bears (NCAA) & local coverage of the PAC-10, West Coast, Mountain West & Western Athletic conferences Oakland Athletics & San Jose Sharks telecasts were moved from SCBay Area to SCWest & SCWest-2 in 2008
SC-Carolinas North Carolina, South Carolina Carolina Hurricanes (NHL), Charlotte Bobcats (NBA), coverage of Atlantic Coast, Southeastern, Conference USA, BIG South & Southern athletic conferences
SCDetroit Michigan (statewide), northwestern Ohio, northeastern Indiana & some portions of northeast Wisconsin along the Upper Michigan border Detroit Tigers (MLB), Detroit Pistons (NBA), Detroit Red Wings (NHL), local coverage of the BIG 10, Horizon League, Summit League, CCHA & the MAC athletic conferences, as well as the MHSAA Tigers LIVE, Red Wings LIVE & Pistons LIVE are produced by SCDetroit
SCFlorida (the flagship network of all SC's feeds) Florida (statewide) & parts of southern Alabama (not including Mobile) & southern Georgia Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), Orlando Magic (NBA), Florida Marlins (MLB), Florida Panthers (NHL), Miami Heat (NBA), Florida Gators (Basketball & Football) & it's programming (NCAA), plus local coverage of the BIG East, Atlantic Sun, Conference USA & Atlantic Coast athletic conferences Shares broadcast rights with co-owned SCFlorida-2
SCFlorida-2 (the co-flagship network of all SC's feeds) Florida (statewide) & parts of southern Alabama (not including Mobile) & southern Georgia) Orlando Magic (NBA), Miami Heat (NBA), Florida Marlins (MLB), Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) & Florida Gators (Basketball & Football) & it's programming (NCAA) shares broadcast rights with co-owned SCFlorida
SCSouthwest: Houston Southern Half of Texas & Southern Louisiana Houston Astros (MLB), Houston Rockets (NBA), Houston Texans programming (NFL), BIG 12, Conference USA, high school & local collegiate sports, particularly those of the University of Houston & Rice University (all NCAA) SCSouthwest: Houston also has SCSouthwest: Houston-2, just in case of schedule conflicts between the 2 channels, during LIVE sporting events
SCIndiana Central Indiana Indiana Pacers (NBA), Indiana Fever (WNBA), Cincinnati Reds (MLB—via SCOhio: Cincinnati) & local coverage of minor league baseball & collegiate sports featuring the BIG 12, Conference USA, Southeastern, Western Athletic, Missouri Valley & Horizon League conferences
SCIllinois Illinois, northern Indiana & eastern Iowa Chicago Cubs (MLB), Chicago Bulls (NBA), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), Chicago Fire (MLS) Chicago Rush, (AFL), Chicago White Sox (MLB), local & national collegiate sports, including those from SCDetroit All of Illinois gets SCIllinois & SCMidwest
SCKansas City Kansas City region Kansas City Royals (MLB), Kansas City Brigade (AFL), St. Louis Blues (NHL—via SCMidwest) & local coverage of collegiate sports featuring the BIG 12 & Missouri Valley
SCMid-Atlantic Delaware, Maryland, Central Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C. & West Virginia Baltimore Orioles & Washington Nationals (both MLB) Washington Capitals (NHL), Washington Wizards (NBA), Washington Mystics (WNBA), D.C. United (MLS), plus local & national coverage of the ACC & the CAA athletic conferences
SCMidwest Missouri, Illinois, southern Indiana, eastern Nebraska, eastern Kansas, western Kentucky & northern Arkansas St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), St. Louis Blues (NHL) & local coverage of minor league baseball & collegiate sports featuring the BIG 12, Conference USA, Southeastern, Western Athletic, Missouri Valley & Horizon League conferences SCMidwest also airs Cardinals games in West Tennessee & northern Mississippi. All of Illinois gets SCMidwest & SCIllinois
SCNorth Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota & South Dakota Minnesota Twins (MLB), Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA), Minnesota Wild (NHL), Minnesota Swarm (NLL) & Minnesota Lynx (WNBA), plus local coverage of the BIG 10, BIG East & Horizon League athletic conferences Regional subfeeds for the Minnesota/Dakotas region & for the state of Wisconsin are not included in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market. The Wisconsin feed is operated under SCWisconsin as of April of 2004 & originates from the Twin Cities, also with a Milwaukee production base
SCNorthwest Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, parts of Wyoming & parts of northern Nevada as well as southern British Columbia & Alberta Seattle Mariners (MLB), Seattle Sounders (MLS), Portland Trail Blazers (NBA), Seattle Storm (WNBA), Utah Jazz (NBA—via SCRocky Mountain), Vancouver Canucks (NHL) & other NHL games, plus local coverage of the University of Washington, Washington State University, Oregon State University, Portland State University & Gonzaga University In 2008, SCNorthwest lost coverage of the Seattle SuperSonics after the team moved to Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder
SCNew England Massachusetts, eastern & central Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire & Rhode Island Boston Cannons (MLL), New England Patriots programming (NFL) & local college sports WMFL Corporation's sister network, NECSN has coverage of the Boston Red Sox (MLB), the Boston Celtics (NBA) & the Boston Bruins (NHL)
SCNew York: NYC New York City & it's 5 boroughs, northern New Jersey, northeast Pennsylvania, southern Connecticut New York Yankees (MLB), New York Islanders (NHL), New Jersey Devils (NHL), New York Jets programming (NFL), Long Island Lizards (MLL), plus local coverage of the BIG East, Sun Belt, Northeast, Metro Atlantic & CAA athletic conferences Co-owned with SCNew York: NYC-2, which carries the New York Mets (MLB), New York Knicks (NBA), the Buffalo Sabres (NHL) (on SCNew York), New York Rangers (NHL), New Jersey Nets (NBA), New York Liberty (WNBA), Red Bull New York (MLS), New York Giants programming (NFL), plus regional collegiate football & basketball. SCNew York: NYC & SCNew York: NYC-2 each have an alternate feed, just in case of scheduling conflicts, due to LIVE sporting events
SCOhio Ohio (Except in the Steubenville, OH area where SCPittsburgh is carried; In the Youngstown, OH market, both SCOhio & SCPittsburgh are available), parts of Indiana, Kentucky, Northwestern Pennsylvania (primarily Erie) & extreme Southwestern New York Cleveland Indians (MLB), Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA), Cincinnati Reds (MLB), Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL), plus local coverage of the BIG East, Southeastern, Atlantic 10, Mid American, Metro Atlantic, Great Midwest, Conference USA, Atlantic Coast, Missouri Valley athletic conferences & Ohio High School Athletic Association football games SCOhio airs Reds games in Nashville, Tennessee & it's surrounding areas, including western North Carolina. SCOhio also broadcasts select Cavaliers games on SCPittsburgh. The network also produces a call-in show called the "Cleveland Rants" that makes it unique to most other SC's. Also, it should be noted that there are actually 2 separate feeds, SCOhio: Cleveland & SC-Ohio: Cincinnati that are slightly different, mainly on the Reds games & on high school sports. The Columbus market usually receives both feeds, especially in times of conflicting games. For example, when the Columbus Blue Jackets & Cleveland Cavaliers play @ the same time, the Blue Jackets will be on the regular SCOhio channel, while the Cavaliers are on an alternate channel. Other such conflicts include the Blue Jackets & the Cincinnati Reds & the Cavaliers & the Reds
SCOklahoma All of Oklahoma Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA), local coverage of Oklahoma Sooners & Oklahoma State Cowboys (BIG 12) Football & Basketball games Launched with the OKC Thunder Opening Game on October 29th, 2008. Select Dallas Mavericks (NBA) games will be available in areas of Oklahoma more than 75 miles from Oklahoma City
SCPhiladelphia Philadelphia, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware Philadelphia Phillies (MLB), Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), Philadelphia Eagles programming (NFL), plus local & national collegiate sports
SCPittsburgh All of Pennsylvania except the Philadelphia metro, all of West Virginia except the 2 counties in metro DC, western Maryland, eastern Ohio, the extreme northeast of Kentucky & the extreme southwest of New York Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB), Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA—via SCOhio), Washington Wild Things (Frontier League), plus local coverage of the BIG East, BIG 10, Atlantic 10, PIAA, WPIAL & Horizon League athletic conferences
SCRocky Mountain Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, western Kansas, western Nebraska & parts of Montana, Nevada & New Mexico Colorado Rockies (MLB), Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Avalanche (NHL), Colorado Crush (AFL) & Utah Jazz (NBA), plus local coverage of the BIG 12, BIG Sky, Western Athletic, Conference USA & Mountain West athletic conferences A sub-feed for Utah (SCUtah) carries the Utah Jazz (NBA), Phoenix Coyotes (NHL—via SCArizona), Real Salt Lake (MLS) & local collegiate sports. There's also SCRocky Mountain: College for collegiate sports teams in the Rocky Mountain which include: Air Force Falcons, BYU Cougars, Colorado State Rams, New Mexico Lobos, SDSU Aztecs, UNLV Rebels, Utah Utes & Wyoming Cowboys (all NCAA)
SCSouth Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky Atlanta Hawks (NBA), Atlanta Braves (MLB), Atlanta Thrashers (NHL), Atlanta Dream (WNBA), plus local coverage of Atlantic Coast, Southeastern, Conference USA, BIG South & Southern athletic conferences
SCTennessee All of Tennessee, northern Alabama Memphis Grizzlies (NBA), Nashville Predators (NHL), Cincinnati Reds (MLB—via SCOhio), St. Louis Cardinals (MLB—via SCMidwest), coverage of Atlantic Coast, Southeastern, Conference USA, BIG South & Southern athletic conferences
SCSouthwest Northern Texas, Northern Louisiana, parts of New Mexico & Arkansas Dallas Mavericks (NBA), Dallas Stars (NHL), Texas Rangers (MLB), FC Dallas (MLS), San Antonio Spurs (NBA), San Antonio Silver Stars (WNBA), plus local coverage of the TCU Horned Frogs (college basketball & football), local & national games of the Southland, BIG 12 & Conference USA athletic conferences SCSouthwest has 2 additional feeds, SCSouthwest: Houston & SCSouthwest: Houston-2. SCSouthwest: Houston-2 is an alternate channel which means they are only active when there are scheduling conflicts on LIVE sporting events
SCWest & SCWest-2 Southern & Central California, southern Nevada, Alaska & Hawaii Los Angeles Clippers (NBA), Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MLB), Los Angeles Kings (NHL), Anaheim Ducks (NHL), Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA), Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS), Chivas USA (MLS), Oakland Athletics (MLB), San Jose Sharks (NHL) & local coverage of the PAC-10, West Coast, Mountain West, Western Athletic & BIG West conferences Operates as 2 channels, SCWest & SCWest-2. SCWest-2 can also be used as an alternate channel, due to schedule conflicts on LIVE sporting events on SCWest
SCWisconsin Wisconsin, except for western counties in Minneapolis-St. Paul DMA & a few counties on the border with Michigan (which shows SCDetroit) Milwaukee Brewers (MLB), Milwaukee Bucks (NBA), Minnesota Wild (NHL; limited schedule), Wisconsin Badgers (WCHA hockey only), WIAA, other local coverage

NOTES about SC's regional feedsEdit

  • Each regional feed has a HD feed & an alternate feed for that region
  • Each regional feed also provides their own local 6:00 PM SportsCenter on weeknights & weekends

Network-wide preemptionEdit

Several times, SC programming has been drastically altered because of coverage of world events.

Both SC & SC-2 carried NNC's coverage of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. The only original program produced after the preemption was a shortened 6:00 PM edition of SportsCenter which focused on covering the cancellations of sporting events in reaction to the terror attacks

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