SilverStar 8 was a Web-Based Weather Broadcasting Network in the U.S. SilverStar 8 produced Weather Forecasts, LIVE SilverAlert Coverage & a LIVE Weather-related Talk Show called, "SilverTalk". SilverStar 8 has grown since August of 2008 (that's when SilverStar 8 all started). SilverStar 8 are a growing group of individuals, who inform people about the weather. SilverStar 8 is not an official business or organization of any sort. On January 3rd 2009, SS8 was shut down for good.

Official Former SilverStar 8 TeamEdit

SS8's Former OCMsEdit

  • Jeremy - Weekday Forecaster
  • Andrew - Weekend Forecaster
  • Michael - Special Weather Forecaster

SS8's Former Core Team MembersEdit

  • Devon - Graphics Design
  • Curt - Beta Testing Chief
  • Laura - Programmer

SS8's Former Beta Testing MembersEdit

  • Curt
  • Krishnan
  • Chris
  • Henry

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