SNN Local News 6
(Comcast cable only)
Branding SNN Local News 6, SNN
Slogan Get More Local News, 24/7
Channels Analog: Comcast ch. 6
Owner LDB Media, LLC
Founded July 17th, 1995
Call letters' meaning Six News NOW (former full name of the station)
Website SNN Local News 6

SNN Local News 6 (formerly known as SNN 6, SNN Channel 6 & Six News NOW; which were often used interchangeably) is a Comcast cable 24/7 news station operating in Sarasota, Florida. The station operates in conjunction with the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, which houses the station in it's downtown Sarasota building. The station reports in Sarasota, Manatee & Charlotte counties.

The broadcasts are only available on Comcast systems served by headends in Sarasota & Charlotte county. The station broadcasts local news 24/7 & reports LIVE during BREAKING NEWS stories & community events.

Quite a bit of content is recorded, but they are quick to break in LIVE with important & BREAKING NEWS. SNN Local News 6 is live @ 5:00, 5:30 & 6:00 PM Monday-Friday. The station also does LIVE weather in the mornings & evenings, especially when the weather is bad. The station occasionally broadcasts high school football games & parades in the area.

SNN dropped their previous slogan of "Around The Corner, Around The Clock" & were using the slogan "Get More Local News, 24/7". In addition, SNN changed the logo for their station & went by SNN Local News 6, instead of the original SNN 6.

The station was the 1st all digital-disk based TV station by use of the Avid non-linear editing systems. SNN was 1 of the 1st news operations to have a joined print & broadcast newsroom taking the theory of media convergence to another level.

SNN has a special content use agreement with WFLA-TV & NBC Newschannel. While they are not considered an official affiliate, this agreement helped NBC bridge the gap in terms of news coverage between the Tampa Bay & Fort Myers TV markets & allowed SNN to use stories from NBC News & it's affiliates. That agreement replaced an earlier agreement between then SNN 6, WTVT & the now defunct CONUS Communications in 2002. That agreement also allowed for cooperation between the Sarasota Herald-Tribune & the Tampa Tribune, which operates as multimedia news organization.

On January 29th 2009, it was announced that SNN News 6 would go dark @ midnight on January 29th, 2009. In November of 2008, the owners of the Herald Tribune announced that they would seek to sell SNN News 6 & stop broadcasting @ the end of December of 2008. This deadline was extended since a group of investors was in place. However, on Thursday January 25th 2009, 1 investor dropped out of the deal. On February 26th 2009, after a 4-week hiatus, SNN was back on the air, with the majority of it's former talent

Current personalitiesEdit

  • John Andrews (Photographer/Reporter)
  • Grant Boxleitner (Reporter/fill-in anchor)
  • John Hill (Weekend Anchor) formerly on abc 7
  • Kathy Leon (Morning Forecaster/fill-in anchor)
  • Tom Lloyd (Photographer/Reporter)
  • Lauren Mayk (Evening Anchor)
  • Mia McCormick (Reporter/fill-in anchor)
  • Justin Mosely (Chief Meteorologist)
  • Marsha Panuce (Arts & Events Reporter)
  • Antawan Smith (Sports Director)
  • Josh Stone (Weekend Meteorologist)


  • Alicia Allan
  • Bruce Asbury (Currently @ Access Sarasota [Sarasota city access])
  • Tony Arranaga (Currently @ KNXV-TV)
  • Eric Blackburn, reporter (Currently @ WTVT)
  • Mike Bloomberg (Currently @ WMVP)
  • Suzanne Boyd (Currently @ WPEC)
  • Harold Briscoe, anchor
  • Sandra Brogan(Currently @ WSLS-TV)
  • Charles Brown (Retired)
  • Kellie Butler (Currently @ WPLG)
  • Ken Charles
  • Carey Codd (Currently @ WFOR-TV)
  • Rick deFuria
  • Scott Draper, reporter (Currently @ WJHL-TV)
  • Doug Johnson Chief Photographer (Currently @ WTVT)
  • Denise Johnston
  • Christie Fletcher
  • Laura Kadechka (Currently @ WTSP)
  • David Karsh, reporter
  • Dave Knops (Weekend Meteorologist)
  • Colleen Gallagher
  • Howie Grace
  • Jessica Kow
  • Nancy Grimes
  • Ajai Hilton, anchor
  • David Karnes, chief meteorologist (Currently @ WRCB)
  • Carol Lim, anchor
  • Cheryl Lindo
  • Nicki Mayo, reporter
  • Candice Brown McElya
  • Janelle Martinez (Currently with WCNC-TV)
  • Rich Matthews (Currently with APTN)
  • James Meyer
  • L.J. (Laura) Moody, reporter (Currently @ WTVT)
  • April Mertz (Kellogg), reporter (Currently @ WTVT)
  • Amy Oshier (Currently freelancing)
  • Madelyn Pennino (Currently @ Lancaster Newspapers)
  • Rob Peery
  • Nerissa Prest (Currently @ WTVT)
  • Karli Ritter, meteorologist (Currently @ WDAF-TV)
  • Vanessa Rodriguez
  • Drew Smith, lead anchor
  • Brandon Todd (Currently @ KDFW)
  • Julie Tremmel(Currently @ WWLP)
  • Eric Watson
  • Chris Stachelski
  • Adrienne Stein (Currently @ WGME)
  • Jim Wicks, lead anchor
  • Tom Burse, Chief Meteorologist
  • Jeff Williamson (Currently freelancing [1] Now with the Orange County Sheriffs Office as PIO)

Similar operationsEdit

Similar operations in Florida include Bay News 9 in Tampa Bay & Central Florida News 13 in the Orlando area, both run by Bright House Networks

External linksEdit

SNN Local News 6's Official Website

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