SCSouthwest: Houston is a regional sports network that covers sports in Houston, Texas. The network operates out of Downtown Houston.

It's the home for the Houston Rockets (NBA), Houston Aeros (AHL), Houston Astros (MLB), Houston Dynamo (MLS) & Houston Texans programming (NFL) + Houston Cougars (NCAA) & Rice Owls (NCAA) coverage of the Conference USA athletic conference. It also features local Houston-area high school sports.

Beginning as a subfeed of sister network SCSouthwest in 2004, the network became it's own 24-hour channel on January 10th, 2009


A separate SC feed for Houston & the surrounding area began in 2004, just as the Astros & the Rockets were working together to establish their own local sports network with the city's then-dominant cable TV provider, Time Warner Cable. For the better part of 2 seasons (2003–2005), all Rockets games not nationally televised on cable were only available on over-the-air TV on KSC-TV 13 in Houston. Working out with the new deal with the Astros & the Rockets, SC decided to establish a completely separate feed for Houston & it's surrounding outer TV markets, however just operating evenings & weekends, while the SCSouthwest brand continues to air in the rest of the dayparts. In addition to Astros & Rockets telecasts, SCSouthwest: Houston also broadcast games featuring the University of Houston & Rice University football & basketball teams & local high school sports. The channel also features a Houston-branded edition of the Southwest Sports Report, the network's nightly sports news & highlights program.

SCSouthwest: Houston produces Rockets & Astros games for co-owned KSC-TV 13.

On January 10th 2009, SCSouthwest: Houston split from SCSouthwest & re-launched as a 24-hour stand-alone channel. The new feed allows the station to provide more local content & have it's own identity, as well as show replays of Houston Rockets & Astros games, which the station had not been able to do before. It also allows for more extensive Houston Texans coverage. Previously, SCSouthwest’s Dallas feed was carried in Houston for most non-event programming.

Due to lack of bandwidth, DirecTV & DISH Network still treats SCSouthwest: Houston as a subfeed & only turns it on during Rockets & Astros games

SCSouthwest: Houston-HDEdit

Most Rockets & Astros games & national SC games & events on SCSouthwest: Houston are available in 1080i HD. Prior to July of 2009, the HD version of the channel was only on the air during games & displayed colored test pattern bars the rest of the time. Since July of 2009, SCSouthwest: Houston-HD has transitioned to full time channel although LIVE sports games as well as their late night replays are the only programs in HD

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