SCPhiladelphia is a regional sports network that is an affiliate of SportsChannel. It primarily serves the Philadelphia metro area, but it's reach extends to cover Northeastern Pennsylvania, all of South Jersey & most of Delaware.

SCPhiladelphia is owned by Comcast & was the 1st Comcast SportsNet channel, even though it's not SC's flagship of all of SC's feeds. It's the cable home of the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers, NHL's Philadelphia Flyers & MLB's Philadelphia Phillies. SCPhiladelphia is also the home of programming dedicated to the Philadelphia Eagles (NFL). The network also covers local college sports games, including the Philadelphia BIG 5, the A-10 & the Colonial Athletic Association.

SCPhiladelphia debuted on August 1st, 1997. The Phillies own a minority share of the channel.

SCPhiladelphia's studios & offices are located inside the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. SCPhiladelphia also has a small studio inside Citizens Bank Park, which is used sporadically during the baseball season.

In addition, SCPhiladelphia owned by SportsChannel, which in turn is owned by WMFL Corporation, also owns WPHY-TV 9, which on occasion will air Phillies games in the Philadelphia metro area when a Flyers or a 76ers game airs on SCPhiladelphia

Programming Edit

News Edit

Football Edit

  • Eagles Pre-Game LIVE
  • Eagles Post-Game LIVE
  • Eagles Extra
  • Inside the Eagles
  • Eagles Locker Room

Basketball Edit

  • 76ers Pre-Game LIVE
  • 76ers Post-Game LIVE

Baseball Edit

  • Phillies Pre-Game LIVE
  • Phillies Post-Game LIVE
  • Phillies Clubhouse

Ice Hockey Edit

  • Flyers Pre-Game LIVE
  • Flyers Post-Game LIVE
  • The Orange Line

Golf Edit

  • Inside Golf
  • Golf Shots

SC on SCPhiladelphia Edit

SCPhiladelphia carries SC programming in lieu of an SC affiliate. This offers the regions access to a variety of college sports, notably ACC men's & women's basketball on Sundays, PAC-10 basketball on various nights + BIG 12 & PAC-10 football on Saturdays during their respective seasons. They also air studio shows, such as SportsCenter & SportsNation. This arrangement is to secure national coverage for it's collegiate lineup of games

Availability Edit

SCPhiladelphia is distributed through cable & fiber optics companies as well as DirecTV & DISH Network.

Phillies games used to be unavailable on the satellite version of MLB Extra Innings, although the NBA & NHL have always been able to use the SCPhiladelphia's feeds for their packages. Beginning in 2007, both the cable & the satellite version of MLB Extra Innings began to use the SCPhiladelphia feed for some games & in 2008, when MLB Extra Innings began showing both feeds of most games, all Phillies games shown on SCPhiladelphia became available to all subscribers

SCPhiladelphia-HD Edit

SCPhiladelphia-HD is a 1080i HD simulcast of SCPhiladelphia including LIVE sports & series. SCPhiladelphia shows all Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers & Philadelphia 76ers games in HD. SCPhiladelphia also broadcasts their LIVE studio shows in HD, such as SCPhiladelphia Sports LIVE, SCPhiladelphia SportsCenter & Post-Game LIVE shows

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