SCIllinois is a member of the SportsChannel network of regional sports networks that covers local sports teams in the Chicago area, as well as local & state collegiate sports throughout the state of Illinois


SCIllinois is owned by WMFL Corporation. SCIllinois is the home for Chicago Cubs & Chicago White Sox baseball, Chicago Bulls basketball, Chicago Blackhawks hockey, Chicago Fire soccer & Chicago Rush arena football + local & national collegiate sports, including those from sister network, SCDetroit. They also carry games for the NIU Huskies football & the MLL's Chicago Machine. If any 2 of the teams play @ the same time, a 2nd alternate channel called SCIllinois+ & aired on CLN6 (on Comcast systems) is utilized to show the SD feed of both events on SCIllinois+. SCIllinois-HD is on it's own. SCIllinois+ SD may get it's own slot when SCIllinois is done with the DTV transition, although WCLT-TV & WWGN-TV carries many Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks & Bulls games. SCIllinois was created so the teams mentioned could have editorial control over their broadcasts. All games of the major Chicago sports teams on SCIllinois are broadcast in HD.

On March 15th 2008, the Blackhawks announced that all of their games, both home & away, would be televised in HD, with the bulk of the games going to SCIllinois & others being broadcast on WWGN-TV. (Chicago only & not on WWGN America)


SCIllinois-HD is a 1080i HD simulcast of SCIllinois. It shows all Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Fire & Chicago Rush games in HD, as well as all studio shows. The HD service is available on the Comcast Cable HD Tier @ Ch. 200 in the Chicago Area & @ Ch. 665 on DirecTV. The SCIllinois+ Feed is in HD as well on Comcast Cable HD Ch. 285 in the Chicago Area & @ DirecTV on Ch. 666-1

SC on SCIllinois Edit

SCIllinois carries SC programming in lieu of an SC affiliate. This offers the region's access to a variety of college sports, notably ACC men's & women's basketball on Sundays, PAC-10 basketball on various nights + BIG 12 & PAC-10 football on Saturdays during their respective seasons. They also air studio shows, such as SportsCenter & SportsNation. This arrangement is made to secure national coverage for it's collegiate lineup of games

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