SCFlorida, formerly SportsChannel Florida, is a regional sports network that shows local sports coverage in the state of Florida. It's owned by WMFL Corporation along with SCFlorida-2. It was launched on July 13th, 1987 as SportsChannel Florida. It was relaunched as SCFlorida on March 3rd, 1996


The channel has the rights to the Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), Florida Marlins (MLB), Florida Panthers (NHL), Tampa Bay Lighting (NHL), Orlando Magic (NBA) & Miami Heat (NBA), Florida Gators (football & Basketball) & it's programming (NCAA) + local coverage of the following college sports conferences: BIG East, Atlantic Sun, Conference USA & Atlantic Coast. Parts of southern Alabama & Georgia receive the channel, in addition to all of Florida


Main article: SCFlorida-2

Through SCFlorida-2, South & Southwestern Florida (as well as the Florida Keys) can view Miami Heat basketball as Central & Northern Florida can view Orlando Magic basketball. Ultimately however, SCFlorida-2 & SCFlorida are sister channels & games can air on either channel depending on who is playing @ what time (particularly with the Marlins & the Rays, since both teams routinely play @ the same time). The 2 channels do not focus on 1 region of Florida, so that the Lightning, Heat, Marlins, Magic & Florida Panthers are all cable-exclusive. In the past, it has been rumored that SCFlorida-2 & SCFlorida may focus on different regions of Florida @ some point


For most of it's programming - as well as nationally-broadcast sporting events - a small logo bug will appear on the top-right corner of the screen, which reads SCFlorida, with the SC part colored in a light blue. For local sporting events, however, the logo changes: during Rays baseball games (& Rays LIVE), the logo turns to SCRays, with the SC taking on a Columbia blue color; for Marlins baseball games (& Marlins LIVE), the logo is SCMarlins, with the SC shown in teal; in the case of Magic basketball games (as well as Magic LIVE), the logo is SCMagic with the SC in a medium blue color; for Panthers hockey games (& also Panthers LIVE), the logo becomes SCPanthers, with the SC in red; for Heat basketball games (& also Heat LIVE), the logo becomes SCHeat, with the SC logo also in Red; for Lighting hockey (& for Lightning LIVE), the logo becomes SCLightning, with the SC in blue

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