SCArizona is a regional sports network that serves the state of Arizona. It was launched on September 1st, 1995.

SCArizona televises the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB games, along with the Phoenix Suns of the NBA, the Phoenix Coyotes NHL games during the fall & winter & the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA. In addition, SCArizona also televises Arizona State Sun Devils collegiate sports, as well as a number of PAC-10 sporting events & selected Arizona Wildcats collegiate sports as well.

SCArizona+, a game time only alternate feed of SCArizona, was first deployed on Friday April 25, 2008. It was available on COX Communications, Qwest Choice TV & other local cable systems. It was deployed due to the Phoenix Suns' 2008 NBA Playoffs game 3 & a Arizona Diamondbacks game taking place @ the same time.

A small logo bug on the top right section of the screen which reads SCArizona (with the SC part colored in light blue) appears for most of the channel's programming, as well as for nationally-broadcast sports. For local sports, the logo changes. During Suns LIVE & telecasts of Suns games, the logo is displayed as SCSuns, with the SC taking on a yellow-orange color. For Coyotes games & Coyotes LIVE, the logo is SCCoyotes with the SC in burgundy. As for Diamondbacks games (& Diamondbacks LIVE), the logo reads SCD-Backs with the SC shown in red. For Mercury games (& Mercury LIVE), the logo reads SCMercury with the SC shown in red & yellow

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