SC-2's Saturday Night College Football is a LIVE game presentation of Division 1-A college football on SC-2. The game telecast airs every Saturday Night @ 7:45 PM ET during the college football regular season. The game is preceded by a 45-minute long College Football Scoreboard. This game telecast is also presented in HD on SC2-HD.

Since debuting in 1994, it has broadcast games from numerous conferences including the SEC, the ACC, the BIG 10 & the BIG East. This game is often seen as the SC-2 Game of the Week along with the Thursday night telecast.

On October 14th 2006, SC-2's Saturday Night College Football aired on 3 different networks as part of SC Full Circle. The networks included SportsChannel, SC-2 & SC-U

Game featuresEdit

  • The Starting Lineups: The starting lineups are presented during the 1st possession of each team's offense & defense
  • Players who Impacted the Game: Following the starting lineups, the broadcasters run down the top 2 or 3 impact players on each teams side of the ball
  • SC-2's Halftime Report: An SC anchor presents the halftime report, which features highlights of earlier games & a look @ other happenings in the sports world
  • SportsCenter In-Game: This segment appears during various times in the game, when an SC anchor gives up to the minute highlights when something BIG happens in another game
  • LIVE Look-Ins: 2 or 3 times during the game, an SC anchor shows a screen with LIVE coverage of SC's primetime game, SC-2's primetime game & SC-U's primetime game

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