SC's Saturday Night College Football is a LIVE game presentation of Division 1-A college football on SportsChannel. The game telecast airs every Saturday night @ 7:45 PM ET during the college football regular season. The game is preceded by a 45-minute long College Football Scoreboard. This game telecast is also presented in HD on SC-HD


Since debuting in 1984, it has broadcast games from numerous conferences including the SEC, the ACC, the BIG 10 & the BIG East. In recent years, it has primarily featured the SEC as the 2nd-choice game to CBS' national coverage earlier in the day. Games from the other conferences typically could air either on SC or SC-2, but the SEC does not offer such flexibility. This game is often seen as the SC Game of the Week along with the Thursday night telecast.

On October 14th 2006, SC's Saturday Night College Football aired on 3 different networks as part of SC Full Circle. The networks included SportsChannel, SC-2 & SC-U

Game featuresEdit

  • The Starting Lineups: The starting lineups are presented during the 1st possession of each team's offense & defense
  • Players who Impacted the Game: Following the starting lineups, the broadcasters run down the top 2 or 3 impact players on each teams side of the ball
  • SC's Halftime Report: The College Football Final present the halftime report, which features analysis of the 1st half, highlights of earlier games & a look @ other happenings in the sports world
  • SportsCenter In-Game: This segment appears during various time in the game, when an SC anchor gives up to the minute highlights when something BIG happens in another game
  • LIVE Look-Ins: 2 or 3 times during the game, an SC anchor shows a screen with LIVE coverage of SC's primetime game, SC-2's primetime game & SC-U's primetime game

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