SC's NCAA March Madness is a PPV Out-of-Market Sports Package covering games in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship. It has been exclusive to DirecTV since 2002, with the package provided by SportsChannel & supplements the coverage from CBS Sports.

MM subscribers can watch the tournament games not chosen for local broadcast on the CBS affiliate serving their area. SC's NCAA March Madness Mix is the ability to watch 4 games @ once all on the same screen. Game coverage is identical to that on the local stations, except that DirecTV promos replace local commercial breaks, there are no cut-ins for studio analysis of the other games in progress @ about 12 minutes remaining in each half & game coverage is not interrupted if another more compelling game is going on @ the same time. In other words, this is a "constant feed".

Subscribers also receive a "mix channel" with all 4 game broadcasts on 1 screen.

The subscription price is $70 in 1 payment per year.

Another related service, March Madness on Demand, is a streaming video service 1st made available in 2006 to broadband computer users free of charge from CBS Sports.

In some local markets, local CBS affiliates broadcast all of the games on their digital subchannels, although cut-ins & switches of game coverage may still occur & the multicast may be stopped temporarily if a team of local interest is playing & a full-quality HDTV feed of the game is required.

A similar package is SC GameCourt, a package for out-of-market regular season NCAA Basketball games, which also covers the NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Championship

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