Quick Pitch is an American TV show centered around showing highlights of baseball games from the previous night. Quick Pitch airs on The MLB Channel during the MLB regular season at 1:00 AM ET every weeknight, 11:00 PM ET every Sunday & after the Saturday Night Baseball game every Saturday. Reruns of Quick Pitch are also shown every morning during the regular season


Quick Pitch is set in The MLB Channel's Studio 42 (which is constructed to look like a baseball field) with a single host standing somewhere in the field. The show is usually made up of highlights, but many times there is a story such as a contract signing or a player retiring that will be announced. Usually after each highlight, the starting pitchers for the teams' next game is shown.

A unique trait of Quick Pitch is that in some highlights, they use the TV or radio announcers' call of the game to go through the highlights instead of the host commentating every play.

Quick Pitch is similar in format to SC's show SportsCenter, however showing just baseball highlights & there are no analysts on Quick Pitch as there are in SportsCenter

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