Primetime is a daypart section. Since August 2009, primetime music now starts at 4PM CT, but still ends the same time as before. Since then, jazz music was shorten, leaving to play more rock, theme music, and repeats.

Jazz songs since 2009Edit

  • January to March 2009 Playlist:

All of them.

  • April/May 2009 Playlist:

Most of them expect the two Phish songs.

  • June 2009 Playlist:

Starting with this playlist, jazz usage in primetime is reducing. The jazz songs on primetime are I'm Waiting For You - Jackiem Joyner and Chillin In The West Bernie Williams.

  • July 2009 Playlist:

Stone Groove by Boney James and Room to Breathe by Brian O'Neal.

  • September 2009 Playlist:

African Blues - Bernie Williams

  • October 2009 Playlist:

Everything She Wants - Eric Marienthal

  • November/October 2009 Playlist:

Touch by Boney James

  • January/February 2010 Playlist:

Lily was here by Candy Dufler

  • March 2010 Playlist:

Starburst - Bryan Steele, You're Always Around - Ron Fattorusso

  • May 2010 Playlist:

Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis

  • July 2010 Playlist:

Touch by Boney James

  • August 2010 Playlist:

Diamond Eyes - Michael Haggins

  • October 2010 Playlist:

Lily was here by Candy Dufler

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