This playlist started on November 3, 2008.


Daytime: Title Artist CD

  • Floating Away /Doug Markley N/A
  • One and Only/ CC Gilmore N/A
  • Atlantic Whisper /Jacob Archer/ Urban Rain
  • Listening Pleasure/ Eldredge Jackson /Listening Pleasure
  • Cruise Control /Freddie Fox /Feelin' It
  • You Make Me Smile/ Dave Koz/ Greatest Hits
  • Time Changes Everything /Yvonne Ayers N/A
  • Feelin Fine /Spyro Gyra/ In Moden Times
  • The Serpent's Tale/ Jeanne Ricks N/A
  • Return Of The Eagle/ Craig Chaquico/ Panorama
  • As The Crow Flies /Steve Glotzer N/A
  • Brother, Can You Spare Your Car? Joe Sample and The Soul Committee /Did You Feel That?
  • Northern Winds/ Chris Geith N/A
  • The Game /Eldredge Jackson /Listening Pleasure
  • Holding Faith (Reprise) /Ryan Farish/ Daydreamer

November 2008 Prime Time Local Forecast Music Title Artist CD

  • Into The Blue /Boney James /Body Language
  • When Morning Comes/ Chris Geith N/A
  • Feelin' It /Freddie Fox/ Feelin' It
  • Down Under/ Patrick Yandall N/A
  • Crimea II /Bodhi /Trans Ukraine
  • Romeo & Juliet/ Euge Groove / Euge Groove
  • I'm OK/ Jeanne Ricks N/A
  • Forbidden Love /Craig Chaquico/ Panorama
  • Don’t Mind If I Do/ Joyce Cooling / Third Wish
  • Freeze /Gooding /Winter's Return

November 2008 Overnight Local Forecast Music Title Artist CD

  • Heaven's Touch /Drew Ley/ While The City Sleeps
  • Walk In Step/ Ed Hogan /TBD
  • Joey, Jackie, Reilly/ Dominic Gaudious /Acoustic Captivity
  • Movement in Light /Ryan Farish N/A
  • All Alone /Jacob Archer /Urban Rain
  • Home/ Drew Moroz /It's Forever
  • Station 6/ Gooding /Songs for Grey Days
  • Down Under/ Patrick Yandall N/A
  • Hot Shot /Johnny Young N/A
  • Your Touch /Spyro Gyra /In Modern Times

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