News 6 Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
Slogan Brooklyn's News 24/7
Channels Analog: 6

Digital: various

Affiliations NNC
Owner WMFL Corporation
Founded 2005

News 6 Brooklyn launched in 2005 & reaches more than 490,000 homes on the Cablevision, Time Warner Cable (ch. 156) & on other cable systems in the area. It shares it's studio & on-air talent with News 6 BRX. Also, like News 6 BRX, News 6 Brooklyn utilizes environmentally friendly hybrid gas/electric-powered vehicles in an effort to reduce air pollution. From June 2nd 2010, News 6 Brooklyn was broadcasting from a new set that changes from Yellow for the Morning & Afternoon broadcasts to Blue for the Evening & Overnight broadcasts

News 6 Brooklyn provides deep, neighborhood-specific coverage

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