News 12 Traffic & Weather is an all traffic & weather channel seen on all Cablevision operating systems on Ch. 61. The channel has a staff of approximately 40 (full time, part time & temp) traffic reporters & 10 (full time, part time & temp) meteorologists & is based in Woodbury, New York.

News 12 Traffic & Weather started out as "News 12 Weather" in the early 90s. It would air in the mornings on most Cablevision systems in place of Bravo/E! when they shared a channel on Cablevision Long Island cable systems. When Optimum TV launched in 1996, it got a full time position on systems in Cablevision areas. In 1998, it was rebranded as "MSG Metro Weather" as part of the MSG Metro Channels & when a traffic element was added to the channel, it became "Metro Traffic & Weather" in 1998. It was the first solely traffic & weather channel in the tri-state area & while local news networks & The Weather Channel offered weather news, the traffic component was the feature that made the network unique. In 2005, the channel joined the News 12 Networks & assumed it's current name. Ch. 61 is the only surviving channel of the original MSG Metro Channels.

The weather component of the channel features radar, temperatures, information on tides & pollen counts & a 7-day forecast, all voiced by off-camera meteorologists.

The traffic portion of the channel includes maps with arrow flows & live traffic cameras, with the information voiced by off-camera traffic reporters.

There are 5 different channels (New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Hudson Valley & Connecticut) that compose News 12 Traffic & Weather, covering the Tri-State Region. The channel is live 24/7, although the traffic reporters are live, on average, every 15 minutes & meteorologists are live, on average, every 3 hours. The radar & traffic cameras are live in every report.

Newswheel of this channel like this:
Weather (last 2 minutes) > Billboard (last 10 seconds) > Traffic (last 2 minutes) > Billboard (last 10 seconds) > Ad-break (last 30 seconds)

And then, it moves back to first.

For all of the network's existence, the tag line, said after every traffic & weather updates, has been, "You're watching News 12 Traffic and Weather, know before you go".

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Weather (* is special reports) Edit

  • Allergy Report
  • Baseball Forecast*
  • Beach and Boat Forecast
  • Clouds & Radar
  • Fall Foliage Report*
  • Futurecast
  • High Tides
  • Holiday Forecast*
  • Marine Forecast*
  • Next Four Days
  • Overnight
  • Radar
  • Right Now
  • School Day Forecast*
  • Seven Day Forecast
  • Ski Report*
  • Today
  • Tonight
  • Water Temperatures