NYNC Rail & Road is a 24-hour cable news TV channel, focusing exclusively on the vehicular traffic & mass transit conditions within the 5 boroughs of New York City. The channel was launched on October 26th 2010 & is a spin-off from it's parent station, NYNC that is available to New York City, New Jersey & Hudson Valley Time Warner Cable subscribers on Ch. 100. NYNC Rail & Road updates every 5 minutes & has feeds for 5 different zones. (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island & the Hudson Valley)

The station airs a constant floating digital aerial map of New York City with a short anchor segment every half-hour, along with periodic cut-a-ways indicating mass transit service changes. The digital map highlights major streets which are color coded according to the speed of traffic: Red indicates speeds @ less than 25 MPH, yellow indicates anywhere between 25-50 MPH & green indicates little to no traffic.

"NYNC Rail & Road" is currently O&O by WMFL Corporation, the same company that owns NYNC & NYNC Noticias. This channel currently broadcasts in a 4:3 SDTV format, but is currently upgrading for their 16:9 HDTV launch on January 1st 2012. NYNC Noticias is expected to launch HD news at the same date as they too are currently upgrading for their 16:9 HDTV launch, since that channel still broadcasts in a 4:3 SDTV format

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