NFL TV News is a TV news program on NFL TV.

The network treats it as the league's "show of record" & bills it as the only year-round show dedicated to the NFL, despite the SC show NFL TONIGHT running year-round as well.

Events covered by NFL TV NewsEdit

  • Kickoff weekend
  • Super Bowls
  • The Pro Bowl
  • The Scouting Combine
  • The NFL Draft
  • Owners' & players' meetings
  • Hall of Fame Weekend
  • NFL Schedule Release Show since 2006

Featured segmentsEdit

  • The Sounds of the Game: This feature provides fans with an exclusive, day-by-day pass to the sidelines of the NFL
  • Latest NFL News & Notes: The analysts discuss injuries, trades, signings & releases & provide reaction
  • The Highlights: Sometimes, usually during the preseason, the show has in-progress highlights
  • The Best in the Biz: The special guest of that episode will give his Top 5 list for the corresponding position in football
  • The NFL TeamCam: The show has the ability to go LIVE to any NFL team headquarters @ any time, using their "TeamCam" system, a webcam based video system that has been set up between the network's Los Angeles studio & each team location
  • The Official Review: NFL's VP of officiating Mike Pereira breaks down officiating calls from the previous weekend's action on Wednesday night editions
  • Around the NFL: an NFL insider gives league-wide updates & inside information
  • The Path to the Draft: a College Football insider for NFL TV, will take a look @ college football players that are either helping or hurting their draft stock. In 2007, this became a show to lead up to the draft
  • The Rewind: Game highlights put to music near the end of the Monday or Tuesday's show
  • 4 Downs: 4 topics are discussed @ the end of the show

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