NFL TONIGHT is a NFL studio show, currently airing Monday through Friday @ 5:00 PM & 12:30 AM ET on the SC cable network. The program is the only NFL-related studio program to air during the week. As such, NFL TONIGHT is not a highlight show, as Sunday & Monday game highlights are handled by the various other NFL studio shows, including NFL Sunday during the season. Unlike shows for other sports, NFL TONIGHT even runs throughout the entire offseason.

Since 2005, NFL TONIGHT has been presented in HD on SC-HD


  • NFL News: A segment @ the beginning of the show detailing the top stories & BREAKING NEWS from around the NFL. This segment was discontinued in the summer of 2007
  • The Opening Drive: A segment following NFL News in which a certain team, player or topic is discussed
  • What Were They Thinking?: A look @ dubious plays & decisions from the previous week's NFL games
  • The Drive of the Week: A look @ the plays that comprised the best drive by a team from the previous week's NFL games
  • The Fantasy 5: Every week during the NFL season, the hosts pick 1 player from each position (QB, RB, WR, TE & K) that they think will perform the best. 1 point is given for each player if he reaches a certain statistic during a game
  • The Hurry-Up Offense: A segment @ the end of each show, in which analysts are given a certain amount of time to discuss various topics

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