Monday Night College Basketball is a presentation of Division I college basketball on SportsChannel. It now shows 3 games every Monday @ 7:00 PM ET & 9:00 PM ET on SC & @ 10:00 PM ET on SC-2 from the beginning of January till early March. Monday Night College Basketball also features a halftime report from the College GameDay Basketball personalities from SC's HQ in New York City, New York. There is also generally a women's game airing @ 7:00 PM ET on SC-2. Monday Night College Basketball also has a simulcast on SC-HD & SC2-HD respectively


Since debuting on January 5th 1987, it has broadcast games from numerous conferences, including: the BIG East, which has been a Monday Night College Basketball staple since 1987 & is expected to be there until @ least 2013, the BIG 10 (1987-1991), the BIG 8 (1992-1996), the BIG 12 (1996-present) & either the Mountain West or the WAC. The BIG East game is primarily @ 7:00 PM ET & the BIG 12 game is primarily @ 9:00 PM ET, both on SC. The Mountain West or WAC game is almost always on SC-2 @ 10:00 PM ET or later.

Originally, the BIG 10 Conference games were aired in the 9:00 PM slot, before the BIG 8/BIG 12 games joined Monday Night College Basketball in 1992. However, the BIG 10 didn't like to start games @ 9:00 PM ET & declined to renew their agreement with SC. Monday Night College Basketball was the 1st weekly presentation of college basketball on SC. Since then, SC has debuted Tuesday Night College Basketball, Wednesday Night College Basketball, Thursday Night College Basketball & Saturday Night College Basketball.

In 2008, Monday Night College Basketball featured a triple-header. On SC, a BIG East game would air @ 7:00 PM ET followed by a BIG 12 game @ 9:00 PM ET. The 3rd game would feature WCC teams, usually on SC-2 @ 11:00 PM ET

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