This playlist started on March 1, 2008. Ended on March 31, 2008.

Daytime Title Artist CD

  • Groove Detective - Chris Geith - Timeless World
  • Zero Gravity - Chris Geith - Timeless World
  • Midnite -Cruzin Soul -Ballet Lavish
  • Just Groove - Jackiem Joyner - Baby Soul
  • Dewpoint - Eddie Reasoner- n/a
  • Butternut -Artie Traum- Acoustic Jazz Guitar
  • Smoothie McGroovy -Joe Loskota - n/a
  • In Touch- Doug Markley- n/a
  • My Caddy- Marcus Johnson -The Phoenix
  • On The Upside -Steve Oliver- One Night Live
  • A Great Day -Miles Stiebel -No Hassle Miles
  • Nice to Meet -You Chris Geith -Timeless World
  • Advanced Funk -Maceo Parker -Roots & Grooves
  • Riders of The Ancient Winds -Craig Chaquico & Russ Freeman -From the Redwoods to the Rockies
  • Simple Pleasures -Jeanne Ricks -The Weather Channel Presents Smooth Jazz

Primetime Title-Artist-CD

  • Los Cabos Serenade -Steve Glotzer -Life Imitates Art
  • Shadow of the Moon -Steve Oliver- Radiant
  • Nice to Meet You -Chris Geith -Timeless World
  • Escape -Tom Braxton -Imagine This
  • Nashville Skyline-Kathy S. Ball- n/a
  • People Make The World Go Round -Richard Elliot -Metro Blue
  • Sabor A Mi -Kenny G -Rythym Romance
  • Tradewinds -Eddie Reasoner -n/a
  • Crimson Sunset -Norman Fisk- n/a
  • In The Mood -Patrick Yandall -n/a

Overnight Title Artist CD

  • So Many Nights- Chris Geith- Timeless World
  • Make it Happen -CC Gilmore -n/a
  • Personal Touch -Boney James -Trust
  • Day's End -Robert A Geresti Jr- Geresti
  • Moving in your Direction Ronald Thornton Valentine n/a
  • Mountains of Unaka- Eddie Reasoner- n/a
  • Butternut -Artie Traum Acoustic J-azz Guitar
  • In The Mood -Patrick Yandall -n/a
  • Mystery Night -Butch Baldassari -The Vespa Love Festival Sessions
  • Back on Track -Mick Mahan- n/a

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