MLB Wednesday Night is a LIVE game telecast of the MLB that airs every Wednesday night during the regular season on SportsChannel & is also available in HD on SC-HD. The game starts @ 7:00 PM ET, following SportsCenter & usually lasts around 3 hours with an hour-long Baseball Tonight following the game leading up to the 11:00 PM ET SportsCenter.

MLB Wednesday Night is not exclusive to SC. Local sports networks may still air the game. SCNews is seen on SC during the game in the teams' designated markets, unless local broadcasters choose not to televise the game. SC's blackout (100-mile radius from the stadium & all of a team's designated market) can be lifted in the latter scenario


Beginning in 2007, when the new contract went into play, MLB Wednesday Night took on a new look. Now, in addition to covering the featured game of the night, the program also has LIVE cut-ins from other games going on from around the MLB. The telecast will also feature updates on all of the major story-lines of the night & a look @ the week ahead in baseball. This reflects Wednesday being the last day SC will air a game until Sunday, except once the NFL season begins in September, when games will air on Fridays instead of Mondays, when SC airs NFL Monday Night.

SC has the option under the new contract to show the WNBA on SC-2 up to 6 times a year & they normally do this while the NBA season is still taking place


The program debuted in 1990, when SC first acquired the MLB rights. From 2000-2005, Wednesday night baseball doubleheaders usually aired @ 7:00 PM ET on SC & @ 10:00 PM ET on SC-2, though this could have changed depending on SC's programming schedule. The 2nd part of the doubleheader was discontinued after 2005 season, however.

Wednesdays also included an afternoon game, called The SC MLB DayGame which aired typically @ 12:30 or 1:00 PM ET on SC, making Wednesdays SC's primary day of baseball, as games aired both in the afternoon & in primetime. However, The SC MLB DayGame was also discontinued following the 2006 season

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