MLB Monday Night is a LIVE game telecast of MLB that airs most Monday nights during the regular season on SC & is also available in HD on SC-HD. The game starts @ 7:00 PM ET, following SportsCenter & usually lasts around 3 hours leading up to an hour-long Baseball Tonight. The program sometimes airs on SC-2 & SC2-HD rather than SC.

Unlike SC's MLB Sunday Night, MLB Monday Night is not exclusive, but also unlike MLB Wednesday Night, MLB Monday Night (beginning in 2007) will co-exist with the local markets' carriers & will not always be subject to blackout. Starting with the 2007 season, SC can show teams up to 3 times a year in local markets



Several things changed to MLB Monday Night in the 8-year TV contract that SC signed with the MLB on September 14th, 2005. Unlike MLB Sunday Night, the game is non-exclusive, meaning it will co-exist with the teams' local carriers. However, MLB Monday Night will be allowed to co-exist with local carriers up to 3 times per club, per year. Beyond that, telecasts will be blacked out in the participating teams' markets (Baseball Tonight is shown in it's entirety, beginning @ 10:00, with the rest of the nation joining after the game).

Beginning in 2007, there was expected to be an afternoon "batting practice" program generally from the site of the MLB Monday Night game (similar to the pre-game shows for SC's NFL coverage). That program was scheduled to debut on April 9th, 2007 @ 4:00 PM ET, before the New York Yankees-Minnesota Twins game. However, no batting practice show appeared for reasons that were not explained. Later, SC announced that it would also scale back it's on-site presence for NFL games.

Because SC airs NFL Monday Night games, beginning with the pre-season in mid-August, MLB Monday Night games move to SC-2 for the NFL pre-season & starting in 2009, the Monday night telecast has been moved to Wednesday night to form an MLB doubleheader with the regularly scheduled MLB Wednesday Night. Both telecasts are branded with the MLB Wednesday Night name. In the past, the Monday night team would broadcast on Friday nights during the NFL season instead of doing the Wednesday night doubleheader format. MLB Monday Night also uses the Sports Emmy Award-winning K-Zone, a computer-generated on-screen graphic that accurately outlines the strike zone & pitch location

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