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Anchors on The Weather Channel

Anchors Main Role Second Role Time Frame
Stephanie Abrams AMHQ "Top 10 Countdown" Weekdays


Sundays 9-10PM

Mike Bettes Weather Underground Field Reporter Weekdays


Jim Cantore AMHQ Storm Tracker Weekdays


Jen Carfagno AMHQ Early/AMHQ Storm Specialist Weekdays


Kelly Cass AMHQ Weekend Weekends 5-9am
Sam Champion 23.5° w/ Sam Champion Field Reporter &

GMA Fill-In

Tuesdays 11pm
Domenica Davis The Lift Weekdays 6-11am


Ryan Davidson Weather Underground Weather Producer Weekdays 6-8pm
Jennifer Delgado Weather Center Live Field Reporter Weekdays


Mark Elliot Weather Center Live Storm Specialist Weekdays 11-3pm
Paul Goodloe Weekend Recharge Field Reporter Weekends 9-12pm
Maria LaRosa Weekend Recharge Field Reporter Weekends 9-12pm
Carl Parker The Lab Specialist and Weather Underground Storm Specialist Weekdays 6-8pm
Dr. Greg Postel AMHQ Weekend and Weekend Recharge Storm Specialist Weekends 5-9am & 9-12pm
Al Roker The Lift Field Reporter Weekdays 6-11a


Anaridis Rodriguez AMHQ Early & AMHQ News Anchor Weekdays 5-9am
Ari Sarsalari The Ari Effect Weekdays 4-9pm


Marshall Shepherd WXGeeks Director, Univ. of GA Atmospheric Sciences Sundays 12-1230pm
Alex Wallace Weather Center Live Weekdays


Chris Warren Weather Center Live Field Reporter Weekdays


Alexandra Wilson Weather Underground Weekdays


Reynolds Wolf AMHQ Weekend Weekends 5-9am


AMHQ EARLY 5-6am- Jen Carfagno and Anaridis Rodriguez

AMHQ 6-9am- Stephanie Abrams, Jim Cantore, Jen Carfagno, and Anaridis Rodriguez

Weather Center Live 9-11am- Rotating Hosts

Weather Center Live 11-3pm- Alex Wallace and Mark Elliot

Weather Center Live 3-6pm- Chris Warren and Jen Delgado

Weather Underground 6-8pm- Mike Bettes and Alex Wilson


AMHQ Weekend 5-9am- Reynolds Wolf and Kelly Cass

Weekend Recharge 9-12pm- Paul Goodloe and Maria Larosa

WXGeeks 12-1230pm w/ Dr. Marshall Shepard

Top Ten Countdown 9-10pm w/ Stephanie Abrams


Weekdays on The Weather Channel Apps:

The Lift 6-11am w/ Domenica Davis & Al Roker

The Ari Effect 4-9pm w/ Ari Sarsalari

Weather Channel Experts Edit

Jim Cantore Storm Tracker Weekdays 6-9am
Dr. Greg Forbes Severe Weather Expert Weekdays 3-8pm
Michael Lowry Hurricane Specialist/Surge Expert Weekdays 3-8pm
Tom Niziol Winter Weather Expert Weekdays 3-8pm
Bryan Norcross Senior Hurricane Specialist
Carl Parker Hurricane/Storm Specialist Weekdays 3-8pm
Dr. Greg Postel Hurricane/Storm Specialist Weekends 5-9 am

Weather Channel Reporters & Fill-Ins Edit

Justin Abraham Fill-In Social Meteorologist Weather Producer
Danielle Banks Digital Anchor Fill-In Anchor
Dr. Taz Bhati Weather & Health Expert Author/CEO
Ron Bloome Freelance Reporter
Todd Borek Fill-In Anchor
Micheal Butler Fill-In Social Meteorologist on WUTV Weather Producer
Allison Chinchar Fill-In Anchor CNN International & HLN Meteorologist
Sarah Dillingham Fill in Anchor

Storm Specialist & Weather Producer
Dylan Dryer Reporter/Fill-In TODAY Show Meteorologist
Crystal Egger KNBC Los Angeles Meteorologist Contributor
Eric Fisher WBZ-TV Boston Meteorologist Contributor
LeAnne Gregg Denver Reporter
Dina Knightly Fill-In Digital Anchor Weather Producer
Jacqui Jeras Fill-In Anchor Freelance for WJLA, CNN & BBC
Rich Johnson Freelance Fill-In The Weather Channel
Dan Leonard WSI Meteorologist Contributor
Dave Malkoff Features/Tech/Documentary Reporter Fill-In Anchor
Kristy McCabe Freelance Weather Channel UK European Meteorologist
Reagan Medgie Field Reporter
Justin Michaels Correspondent/Reporter
Tom Moore Digital Meteorologist
Kait Parker Freelance Digital Meteorologist Freelance Good Morning America Meteorologist
Matt Sampson Digital Anchor
Mike Seidel Field Reporter
Orelon Sidney Fill-In Anchor
Ray Stagich Radio Meteorologist Fill-In Anchor
Alexandra Steele Fill-In Anchor
Mark Thibodeau Radio Meteorologist Fill-In Anchor
Quincy Vagill Digital Anchor
Nick Walker Fill-In Anchor Digital Meteorologist
Kelley Williamson Storm Tracker Field Reporter

The Weather Channel On-Air Changes (2015-present) Edit

The Weather Channel made a big announcement in September 2015 that all production of reality shows would stop and The Weather Channel would begin to head towards a 24/7 network. Which led them to welcoming back Alexandra Steele & Samantha Mohr to the network. Alexandra Steele still fills in, but Samantha Mohr does work for WXIA, and will rarely appear on TWC, she does though still work for The Weather Channel. The first really big change was the exit of Weather Channel Meteorologist Vivian Brown. Later that week 'Wake Up With Al' was cancelled sending Al Roker to 'The Lift' Weekday Mornings 6-11am on The Weather Channel App w/ Domenica Davis & Ari Sarsalari, and sending Stephanie Abrams back to Atlanta for 'AMHQ' Weekdays 7-10am w/ Sam Champion, Jennifer Delgado, Jim Cantore & Anaridis Rodriguez.

Then, Sam Champion & Jennifer Delgado departed AMHQ. Jennifer Delgado moved to 'Weather Center Live' weekdays 9am-12pm, and Sam Champion to '23.5 Degrees' Tuesdays 11pm-12am. AMHQ was revamped with Stephanie Abrams, Jim Cantore, Jen Carfagno & Anaridis Rodriguez. Kait Parker then announced her departure from 'AMHQ Weekend' & The Weather Channel. She later returned to the network weeks after but now she fills in on 'The Lift' with Al Roker & Domenica Davis, and also works on 'Good Morning America Weekend'. During the change, Ari Sarsalari launched a new Weather Channel App show called 'The Ari Effect' airing Weekdays 4-9pm, sending him off 'The Lift', Kait Parker, Danielle Banks & Tom Moore regularly fill-in.

In May of 2016, The Weather Channel shifted afternoon programming which brought in a different 'Weather Center Live' which was on 2 hours each with one host from 9-11am, 11am-1pm & 1-3pm. Alex Wallace & Mark Elliot were separated from the 12-3pm show. Alex moving 9-11am and Mark moving 11am-1pm. Dave Schwartz & Alex Wilson which aired 3-6pm were also broken up. Moving, Dave Schwartz to 1-3pm and Alex Wilson joined Mike Bettes as host on 'Weather Underground' Weekdays 6-8pm. Chris Warren & Jennifer Delgado were shifted off the 9am-Noon show, they were moved to 3-6pm. Dan Lenoard & Crystal Egger usually contributed on 9am-Noon show, they now also appear during the 3-6pm show now. The reason was to have less host's on-air to help expand the 24/7 outlet. It moved Sarah Dillingham off of 'WUTV'. Which The Weather Channel now has a 9pm-12am or (1am) show which usually, is Keith Carson, Carl Parker & Sarah Dillingham only on Severe Weather days.

In early June, Anaridis Rodriguez went on Maternity Leave from 'AMHQ'. Many fans wondered where she went. She will return to the network in late August. Kelly Cass & Reynolds Wolf rotate in on AMHQ to fill-in for her. With them working weekdays they are missing 'AMHQ Weekend' a lot. Nick Walker is now a regular fill-in while Greg Postel remains most weekends. (Anaridis Rodriguez returned Monday August 8th)

The Weather Channel then announced July 7th 2016 that a new show will be airing on Sunday's only (similar to WXGeeks which only airs sundays at Noon) the show will begin on Sunday July 24th, but airing in the primetime slot of 9-10pm Sunday, the hosts will change weekly, Stephanie Abrams will launch the show as the first host.

On Saturday July 30th The Weather Channel announced Dave Schwartz had passed away from cancer. Fans & Co-Workers posted their sadness & offered their condolences to the family.

Sunday July 31st, The Weather Channel launched a new show called "Top 10" the topic changes each week it airs Sunday's 9-10PM EDT, Stephanie Abrams is the host of the show. Jim Cantore will fill-in when Stephanie is out.

On Monday August 1st, Alex Wallace left his 9-11am show, and Mark Elliot left his 11am-1pm show, Dave Schwartz's 1-3pm show was cancelled. Alex Wallace & Mark Elliot returned as co-host of Weather Center Live from 11am-3pm. The 9-11am show is currently having rotating hosts.

Wednesday August 3rd, The Weather Channel Meteorologist Keith Carson announced he was departing the network to head back home to WCSH Portland, Maine.

The Week of August 8th has welcomed 2 new meteorologist. Monday, Jacqui Jeras joined as a freelance meteorologist. Tuesday August 9th Orelon Sidney joined as well.

Former On-Air Staff Edit

  • Kristina Abernathy
  • Rick Adams (now at HLN)
  • Natalie Allen (now at CNNI)
  • Hillary Andrews
  • Carl Arredondo (now Chief Meteorologist at WWL-TV 4 in New Orleans)
  • Fred Barnhill (retired)
  • Dianne Barone (now at KHQ-TV 6)
  • Adam Berg (now at KCOP 13 Los Angeles)
  • Andre Bernier (now at WJW 8 Cleveland)
  • Mike Bono (now at Time Warner Cable News in Albany, NY)
  • Vivian Brown (TBA)
  • Dale Bryan (landscape at TPC Louisiana)
  • Declan Cannon
  • Kam Carman (now at 100.3 WNIC in Detroit)
  • Keith Carson (WCSH Portland,Maine)
  • John Cessarich (now Chief Meteorologist at WYFF 4)
  • Carey Coleman (works at Camp Wigwam for Boys)
  • Dr. Heidi Cullen
  • Kim Cunningham
  • Janine (Albert) D'Adamo (now at WINK-TV 11 in Naples)
  • Jon Davies
  • Betty Davis (now at WPLG 10 Miami)
  • Gaye Dawson (retired)
  • Eboni Deon (now at WISH-TV 8 in Indianapolis)
  • Dale Dockus (retired)
  • Kristin Dodd
  • Jorma Duran (weekend anchor at KJCT-LP 8 in Grand Junction)
  • Brad Edwards (now at WOI-TV 5)
  • Bruce (Kalinowski) Edwards (now at WKYC-TV 3)
  • Chris Edwards (now at WXYZ-TV 7)
  • Bill Elias
  • George Elliott
  • Paul Emmick (now at WSBT-TV 22)
  • Warren Madden (now Hurricane Hunter)
  • Rebecca (Miller) Erwin (now at KDAF-TV 33)
  • Neal Estano (now at WRGB-TV 6)
  • Eric Fisher (Chief Meteorologist at WBZ-TV 4 Boston)
  • Ryan Goswick (TBA)
  • David Grant (deceased)
  • Rick Griffin
  • Kyla Grogan (Traffic Reporter at WCBS-TV 2 New York)
  • Chuck Herring (now at Landmark Communications)
  • John Hope (deceased)
  • Liz (Fabian) Jarvis (now at the Macon Telegraph)
  • Cheryl Jones (owner of Kansas City-based production company)
  • Jeanetta Jones
  • Bill Kamal (was at WSVN Miami, currently serving prison)
  • Steven Kaye
  • Arch Kennedy (now at WZTV 17 Nashville)
  • Dr. Rick Knabb (now director of the National Hurricane Center)
  • Paul Kocin (now at NWS HPC)
  • Cheryl Lemke
  • Charlie Levy
  • Gary Ley
  • Sarah Libby (now at KFOR-TV 4 Oklahoma City)
  • Mark Mancuso (Now at AccuWeather)
  • Julie Martin (Now an anchor at WMBF-TV 32 in Myrtle Beach, SC)
  • Bonnie (Cannon) McLaughlin (lives in Duluth, MN)
  • Steve McLaughlin (WTAE 4 Pittsburgh Meteorologist)
  • Marie Michelini
  • Mish Michaels (now at WBZ-TV 4 Boston)
  • Jeff Mielcarz (now at WSFL-TV 39 Miami)
  • Vince Miller
  • Karen Minton (now at WSB-TV 2 Atlanta)
  • Nicole Mitchell (WFOR-TV 4 Miami)
  • Myke Motley (deceased)
  • Lisa Mozer (now an Atlanta-based motivational speaker)
  • Dave Nemeth (now appears on national informercials)
  • Dr. Jon Nese (Penn State Dept. Of Meteorology) (Will return to co-anchor WXGeeks for 1 show)
  • Darlene Periconi
  • Joe Petrovich
  • Dan Pope (now at KSL-TV 5 Salt Lake City)
  • Cindy Preszler (retired)
  • Kevan Ramer (now at KMPH-TV 26 Fresno)
  • Sharon Resultan
  • Bob Richards (deceased)
  • Lane Roberts
  • Gene Rubin (Southeast Region sales for WSI Corporation)
  • Jodi Saeland (left KSTU 13 in Salt Lake City in May, 2009 after 12 years to be full-time mom)
  • Dr. John Scala (now a consultant and at WGAL-TV 8 Harrisburg)
  • Dan Schmidt
  • Sally Schmies (now at WJW-TV 8 Cleveland)
  • Bill Schubert
  • Dave Schwartz (deceased) 
  • Glenn Schwartz (now at WCAU 10 Philadelphia)
  • Norm Sebastian (deceased)
  • Marshall Seese
  • Dennis Smith
  • Michael Smith (Meteorologist at WIAT 42 Birmingham)
  • Terri Smith (current TWC radio broadcaster)
  • Lisa Spencer (now at WSMV-TV 4 Nashville)
  • Marny Stanier (now an Atlanta-area realtor)
  • Herb Stevens
  • Bob Stokes
  • Heather Tesch (now freelance at WXIA 11 Atlanta, possible return to The Weather Channel)
  • Jerry Tracey (now at WVTM 13 Birmingham)
  • Dao Vu (now at KTNV-TV 13 Las Vegas)
  • Reese Waters (now at ESPN)
  • Dave Watson (deceased)
  • Craig Weber
  • Jim Wegner
  • Charlie Welsh (deceased)
  • Keith Westerlage
  • Scott Williams (WTXF-TV 29 Philadelphia Chief Meteorologist)
  • Vicki (Griffin) Williams
  • Colleen (Hammond) Wine (now a Texas-based motivational speaker)

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