An IntelliStar.


Cable ProviderEdit

  • Time Warner Cable


  • Channel 52

Years ActiveEdit

  • September 2004-present

Getaway CitiesEdit

  • North Padre Island, TX (until late 2007)
  • South Padre Island, TX (2007-prsent)
  • Lafayette, LA (until late 2007)
  • Lake Jackson, TX (until late 2007)
  • San Antonio, TX (November 2007-present)
  • Houston, TX (spring and summer)
  • Santa Fe, NM (winter and fall)


September 2004:

  • The IntelliStar replaces the WeatherStar XL for Laredo, TX.

March 2006:

  • Some cities in the 8 current conditions are addd and replaced. A few cities on the radar are added.
  • Two Mexican cities are added to the metro forecast map.

May 2006:

  • Laredo, TX is not show on the 8 city current conditons anymore.

November 2007:

  • US Highway 83, 59, 281, and 77 (radar) icons are now added.
  • Interstate 37 icon is removed.
  • New Getaway cities are added. San Antonio, South Padre Island, and Houston, TX/Santa Fe, NM replace the old getaway cities.
  • Nuevo Laredo and Anahec, MX (temporiarly) are removed.

March 2008:

  • The metro is moved to the east and added Alice and Falfurrias, TX. Anahec, MX is back on the metro forecast map.
  • Monterrey, MX and Moclova, MX are added to the regonial map.

May 2008:

  • San Diego, TX replaces Freer, TX on the 8 city current condtions.

July 24, 2008:

  • The satellite radar is now show more to the south which show more parts of Mexico and Cuba is a show a bit.


  • The satellite radar is zoom in a little bit which Georgia, North and South Carolina, and part Flordia are no longer show.

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