This playlist started on January 6, 2009. Ended on February 1, 2009.


  • Daytime:

Artist Song Title CD Title

  • Sean Spicer /Better Than Myself /Reflections of You
  • Carlomango Araya /Belize N/A
  • Ryan Farish/ Angel / Daydreamer
  • Jay Soto / Miss my Cabana / Long Time Coming
  • Robbin Scholl/ Good Move N/A
  • The JWB/ Midday/ In Perspective
  • Michael Colone/ Old Buck Theme/Instrumental Themes
  • Steve Glotzer/ Beautiful Day N/A
  • Steve Glotzer/ Country Stroll N/A
  • Joe Sample & the Soul Committee/ Give It Here /Did You Feel That?
  • Norman Fisk/ Mood Swing N/A
  • Chris Geith/ Above the Clouds / Island of a Thousand Dreams
  • Boney James/ Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) /Send One Your Love
  • Jay Soto/ Without You / N/A
  • Spyro Gyra /Birks Law/ Dreams Beyond Control
  • Primetime:

Artist Song Title CD Title

  • Jim Lum /Like It Always Was /N/A
  • Ursula Suzana Pacheco/ Night Groove/ N/A
  • David Becker /Time Has Fun (When You're Flying By)/ In Motion
  • Steve Glotzer /Never Ask Why N/A
  • Norman Fisk /Back Door Jam N/A
  • Ryan Farish /Secret Garden/ Daydreamer
  • Jeanne Ricks /Sister Betty (Shabazz) N/A
  • Boney James /Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)/Send One Your Love
  • Chris Geith /Sunset Dream N/A
  • John Gilliat/Teriva/Freedom
  • Overnight

Artist Song Title CD Title

  • Ralph Diekemper/ Tortilla Flat/Ralph Diekemper
  • The JWB /Think To This /In Perspective
  • Norman Fisk/ Against The Tide N/A
  • James 'PJ' Spraggins/Day Dreamin' /The Light of Day
  • Ryan Farish/ Letting Go/ Daydreamer
  • Fred Gross /Siesta Otono/ Sky's The Limit
  • Keith Crawford/Mood Swing /And the Day Begins
  • Scott Ward /Cecilia N/A
  • Ralph Diekemper /The Traveller/ It's Only Time
  • Brian O'Neal /It's Personal /Daisy

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