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This playlist started on January 6, 2008 with the song Fall Rain by Ryan Farish at 5:08AM CT. Ended on February 3, 2008.

Daytime Title Artist CD

  • Up All Night /Ron Fattorusso/ Smooth Jazz Sax
  • Dreams/ The Rippingtons/ Moonlighting
  • Thinkin' Of You/ Brian Hughes/ Live
  • Third Time's A Charm /CC Gilmore/ n/a
  • Home Again/ Ryan Farish /From The Sky
  • Boardwalk/ Mark Krurnowski /n/a
  • From the Ashes /Patrick Yandall / From the Ashes
  • Fall Rain /Ryan Farish/ Wonderfall
  • Palmetto Park / BenoitFreeman Project / Benoit/Freeman 2
  • Smooth Ride/ Norman W. Fisk /Spirits of the Yavapai
  • Smooth Sailing /Airborne /Turbulence
  • Stone Groove /Boney James /Pure
  • Glide /Doug Markley/ n/a
  • A Bright Future /CC Gilmore/ n/a
  • What About Me/ Derek Harris /Amalgamation

Prime Time Title Artist CD

  • Stone Groove/ Boney James/ Pure
  • Palmetto Park / Benoit/Freeman Project- / Benoit/Freeman 2
  • Precious Time /Steven Paul Glotzer/ n/a
  • Window To Your World/ Kathy S. Ball/ n/a
  • Mercy Follows/ Ryan Farish/ Everlasting
  • After Sunset/ Vince Madison /Spice of Life
  • Indian Summer /Ryan Farish /Beautiful
  • Isn't It Amazing /Tony Yardley / Surface Tension
  • Fireworks/ Moby /18
  • Smooth Ride /Norman W. Fisk /Spirits of the Yavapai

Overnight Title Artist CD

  • Seasons Change /Ryan Farish/ Wonderfall
  • Precious Time/ Steven Glotzer /n/a
  • Daywin /Bobby Love /n/a
  • Morning/ John Basile (Clare Fischer) /Time Will Reveal
  • Glad You're Here/ John Brighton /n/a
  • Hook Line and Sinclair /Bob Szajner /Center Cuts
  • Surrounded / Ryan Farish/ Selected Works
  • Purple Moon/ Lenny Marcus Trio/ Deeper Still
  • Sky Blue/ Tony Yardley /Surface Tension
  • Just South of Santa Cruz/ Norman W. Fisk /Spirits of the Yavapai

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