JAM Creative Productions, Inc., is an American company that produces radio jingles, promo music for TV & commercial jingles for advertisers. It makes more radio jingles than any other jingle company & has become part of American pop culture.

The company was founded in 1974 by husband & wife Jonathan M. and Mary Lyn Wolfert. Prior to the formation of JAM, Jon worked for PAMS & was a fan of their work. Jon also worked briefly @ TM Productions (now TM Studios) [1] & did freelance work for Wm B. Tanner's Thunder Productions & others before forming JAM.

In 1985, JAM Creative Productions wrote & created, "The JAM Song". They created The JAM Song because 1985 was a busy year for them & created the song in honor of the jingles, JAM has made. The Founder of JAM, Jonathan Wolfert created, wroted & recorded The JAM Song. You can listen to the song, here. You can look @ the lyrics of the song, here.

JAM is the only production house of it's type which has been continuously O&O by it's founders for over 30 years. It produces jingles for clients ranging from local DJs to the most listened-to radio stations.

Worldwide, the JAM client with the most listeners has been the BBC. Almost all jingles heard on BBC Radio 1 & 2 between the mid 70s & late 90s were made by JAM. In the United States, JAM has produced more custom jingles for KOST in Los Angeles than any other station, although WLS in Chicago is very close [2]. JAM also produced most of the jingles for WABC New York from 1975 onwards. JAM's top-selling packing has been "Warp Factor" created for Z100 in 1985. Both XM Satellite Radio & Sirius Satellite Radio make extensive use of JAM jingles on their music channels.

The JAM building, which houses 2 recording studios, offices & a large media archive, is located in Dallas, just east of the downtown area.

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