Inside the Life of NASCAR's Drivers is a program on The NASCAR Channel, which aired Monday nights, discussing the lifestyle of NASCAR's drivers when they are not on the track. It was cancelled after the 2005 season.

The program began in 2005. The NASCAR Channel expanded the program to 1-hour & it was a mixture of hard news, opinion & feature segments. It aired Monday-Friday @ 7:00 PM ET.

In June of 2005, the show carried an interview with NASCAR's VP of competition Robin Pemberton in which he tried to justify the disqualification of Busch Series driver Johnny Sauter. Due to a technical violation found during post-race inspection, Sauter was stripped of championship points & prize money. Reportedly, NASCAR officials did not like the tone of the interview.

Whether or not the interview was a factor was never explained publicly, but the week of June 20th-24th, The NASCAR Channel aired repeats of previous shows, then returned on June 27th with an entirely retooled Inside the Life of NASCAR's Drivers. The information segments were removed & only the "fluff" elements (as noted above) remained. The show also received a new set, new theme music & new hosts.

In August, Inside the Life of NASCAR's Drivers was reduced to Mondays only @ 8:00 PM ET. It was part of a new "strip" of weekly NASCAR shows introduced by The NASCAR Channel.

At the end of the 2005 season in November, Inside the Life of NASCAR's Drivers, was cancelled. A trivia segment that was part of the show was carried into NASCAR LIVE! in 2006

Show segments (original)Edit

  • "The BIG Story": An In-depth examination of a NASCAR personality or event
  • "The Home Base": Drivers' lives away from the track
  • "The Nationcast": A look @ the weekly weather from the race site
  • "A Look Back": Highlights of past NASCAR moments
  • "Mic'd Up": Fans' opinions of various topics (in later version, drivers were asked)

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