The Regional News Network Co., doing business as Independent News Network (abbreviated INN), was a news service based in Davenport, Iowa. Founded in 1999, it's based out of KLJB, the FOX affiliate in that area, known as the Quad Cities. It began by producing the station's nightly primetime newscast

In addition to producing local newscasts, INN also produces The American Times & INN News, for syndication to smaller TV stations with limited or no money budgeted for news.

In a report in the Macon, Georgia Telegraph, it was announced that Independent News Network filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on December 31, 2008 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of Iowa. Most of INN's accounts were sold to another media company, LMG, who will step in to produce local newscasts for client stations.

Stations carrying INN newscasts Edit


  • KLJB-TV: Davenport, Iowa (9 PM News) flagship station
  • WNCF: Montgomery, Alabama (10 PM News)
  • WVHF-CA: Southern Indiana & Louisville, Kentucky
  • KLAX-TV: Alexandria, Louisiana (6 & 10 PM News)
  • WPGA-TV: Macon, Georgia (7 & 11 PM Newscasts)
  • WGFL: Gainesville, Florida (INN National News & Weathercasts)
  • WLTZ: Columbus, Georgia (6, 7 & 11 PM News)
  • WDRL: Roanoke, Virginia (INN National News & Weathercasts)
  • WZDX: Huntsville, Alabama (9 PM News)
  • WMYD: Detroit, Michigan (10 PM News)
  • KNWS-TV: Houston, Texas (Unknown)
  • KGWN-DT2: Cheyenne, Wyoming (Northern Colorado 5)

In addition, a national INN broadcast is also seen on the America One TV network.

Spanish Edit

INN produced newscasts for WUVM-LP in Atlanta, Georgia & provided content for HNN (Hispanic News Network).

Previously, INN also produced a newscast for affiliates of LAT TV, a Houston, Texas-based Spanish language TV network; LAT TV folded in May 2008. They also produced newscasts for Equity's Univision affiliates in Salt Lake City (KUTH), Little Rock (KLRA-LP), Amarillo (KEYU), Detroit (WUDT-CA), Minneapolis (WUMN-CA) & Oklahoma City (KUKC); Equity discontinued these newscasts on June 6, 2008.

News PersonalitiesEdit


  • Doug Retherford - News Director
  • Chad Schneider - Technical Manager & Executive Director
  • Libby Allison - Anchor
  • Greg Wilson - Anchor
  • John Beard - Anchor/Producer
  • Phil Doherty - Anchor/Producer
  • Kurt Liske - Reporter (Davenport, Iowa)
  • Nathan O'Leary - Anchor
  • Sunya Walls - Anchor
  • Roland Glembine - Sports
  • Jeremy Moss - Sports
  • Pat Walker - Meteorologist
  • Susie Martin - Meteorologist
  • Evan Hutchinson - Meteorologist
  • Kelli Hoag - Producer
  • Bill Sindewald - Producer


  • Alan Rivera - Anchor/Executive Producer
  • Juan Carlos Gutierrez - Anchor/Producer
  • Jenny Gallego - Anchor/Reporter/Producer
  • Rolman Vergara - Sports/Sports Producer
  • Susie Martin - Meteorologist
  • Tito Burga - Production Director

Weather DepartmentEdit

  • Pat Walker - Chief Meteorologist
  • Susie Martin - Spanish/English Meteorologist
  • Evan Hutchinson - Producer/Meteorologist

Sports DepartmentEdit

  • Rolman Vergara - Spanish Anchor/Sports/Producer
  • Jeremy Moss - Sports Anchor/Producer
  • Roland Glembine - Sports Anchor/Producer

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